Soldier, Husband, Daughter, Dad - on TV last night

Anyone see this last night? What do you reckon? Is it reflective? Is it good PR for punters out there in TV-watching-land to see us all 'doing what we do' in the daily grind of the sandpit?

I thought it showed normal soldiers doing normal things, without the 'spin' and without the - natural - TV news focus on attacks on US forces. Liked the air-con TDA accomodation as well; pity it wasn't there 18 months ago.

Soldier, Husband, Daughter, Dad
Tue 18 Jan, 10:35 pm - 11:05 pm 30mins

To Basra

New series. An intimate and personal portrait of life in Iraq with the soldiers of the 1st Regiment of the Royal Horse Artillery and their families left back home.

This first programme in a new series of eight follows the Regiment as they leave their Wiltshire barracks, and wave goodbye to their families for their first six month tour. The soldiers will now be in the firing line, targets for snipers, car bombs and suicide bombers.

We simultaneously reveal for the first time, the behind the scenes anguish and worry from the wives and families left behind. It's the chance for the Regiment to do the job they've been trained for, but life for the families waiting back home must carry on. The war may be over, but keeping the peace is not so easy.

Contains strong language.
When the mortars came in right at the end of the episode, did that Sgt leave his shooter on his bed? or was that just me being a geek :?

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