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Soldier Hurt in Hit and Run

And once again the press only latch on to this and make a story out of it because it involves a squaddie.

Edited to add: Get well soon mate. And stop f*cking running.
Hope the lad gets back on his feet soon.

I was just contemplating going out for a run to get myself back ready for PT but this has changed my mind, running isnt healthy.
Jogger left for dead on roadside
A jogger was left injured lying in mud and rain at the roadside after being hit by a vehicle near the Shropshire-Wales border.
The 27-year-old soldier, was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries after a passing motorist called for help.

He was hit by a vehicle in Domgay Lane, Four Crosses on Friday evening. The driver failed to stop.

Police want anyone with information to contact the Dyfed-Powys Police.
Hello Molehill, I've decided to turn you into a mountain!

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