Soldier guilty of shooting friend

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by blobmeister, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. So, they found him guilty...and rightly so, the first lesson you are taught as a soldier is NSP's.

    He will have the rest of his life to consider his actions that killed a friend.

    He will get what he deserves.

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  3. Murder - even more so as he has been taught the importance of weapon handling. As sure as a driver had run some over in a car

  4. Whilst I agree with the comments of, first lessons and considering his actions, Its a bit harsh to say he will get what he deserves.

    We dont know the full ins and outs, and as such, it is indeed a tragic if not, stupid accident that could have been avoided.
    That said, it was not the lads intention to kill his mate, and as sad as that is, its unfair to say he deserves it.

    He is the one who has to live with his "mistake"
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  7. Never point a weapon in jest. Horrible story.
  8. No excuse for playing with a weapon. Especially when you have reason to know what they can do.
  9. You'd better tell the court martial they got it wrong then. Presumably you have evidence not seen by the court?

    And what's this got to do with someone being run over by a car?
  10. A board of five Army officers - the military equivalent of a jury - took two hours to find him guilty.

    As a soldier one of the first things you are taught is never to point a weapon in jest.

    Many things can be used to kill, and a car is another tool, as a driver of a car, you don't deliberately run people over.
  11. Of manslaughter.
  12. Admitted - I did not know the facts - only the people involved or at court would have known and therefore I should not have jumped in at the deep end. :(
  13. Actually taffnp I wonder if he might consider himself lucky he wasn't charged with murder.

    (From a Grauniad report prior to the verdict)

    My bold. It seems that he picked up the weapon without noticing it had a mag fitted, and managed to cock it - a bolt action rifle note - without noticing that he was chambering a big, 7.62mm, live round.
  14. I read that, but as in so many cases facts are distorted and many people who were nowhere near jump on the bandwagon, including myself. It may have been something simple like he picked it up from across the room and while he cocked it, aimed in the general direction. Then only few will know and he will have to live with what he has done.