Soldier Girls; On The Road To Afghanistan.Tonight.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by spike7451, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Starting tonight on Channel 4 (Fri 06 Mar 09) at 1935Hrs.
    Looks good but have'nt seen it advertised at all.Only came across it while flicking thru the TV guide while bored.

  2. Looks worth watching.

    I know this isn't the NAAFI, but both are pleasing to the eye and could become perv-fodder for the masses on ARRSE.
    Me, of course, would never deride a comissioned officer in that way. :roll:
  3. I saw anothe doc like this a couple of years ago also about the women going through Sandhurst. There wasn't any focus on deployments but I think it followed all three terms. A very good watch it was too. It also followed a few raw recruits and some who commisioned from the ranks. I think that ws also on 4, anyone else remember it?
    I seem to remember the girls getting apprehensive as in term 2 or 3 they got a CSGt from the Paras. All turmed out good in the end though. (One girls whos dad was a Col wanted to join the AAC but got rejected by them as she disagreed with bombing Iraq!).
  4. Not forgetting that one of them was cashiered not long after for sleeping with one of her SNCOs.
  5. No Duff or wishful thinking?


    Having seen them two clips it looks like drivel that I will be giving a miss. I can't be doing with this Bra Burning look we can do the same as the blokes crap. Whoop De doo! You're paid the same, crack on!
  6. Heath Ledger's alive!!
  7. Put your hands back on the keyboard where we can see them...

    :wink: :wink: :wink:

  8. I remember that. It was more than a few years ago though.

    I think IIRC that it followed the 2nd ever intake of Females at Sandhurst. It did show the differences in backgrounds then as the latest doc does now. I'm sure they made a big thing out of it then.
  9. Guns and Roses was the earlier documentary IIRC. Must have been a few years ago, as I saw it before I went to the factory. Probably pre-2000.

    And yes, there was one of them who made it into the Sun fairly soon after commissioning (into the R SIGNALS) for knocking about with her Tp SSgt, and getting caught. Fair old stink at the time.

    Rubbish programming by C4. Be far better at about 2330 as post-pub telly, ripe for hurling abuse.

    Edited once for mong-type.
  10. I'd have thought if film makers were going to make a doc about RMAS it'd be a bit higher quality than this.

    Guarding the Queen, about the Gren Guards was a good doc about the training and preparation for Trooping etc, you'd think they'd make a big issue of RMAS. Largely because of its perception in civvy street.
  11. Just great, another bloody program about women in the army, who cares?

    we all do the same job, does it really matter if one person has a vagina and the other a penis?? really? Still?

    Guns and roses was 10 years ago, and yes then it was a bit different (1998 girls first allowed in the RE, RA) but now especially in the Corps no one really cares. ( 12% females Officers in the Army)

    Why not do a program on RMAS, male and female? or maybe some left wing female thought that this would get her some points for a phd on female studies??

    "First time film maker" The program looks poor quality too, and I cant believe anyone still lets themselves be part of this type of program, especially in the army.

    .... and of course there has to be the private school verse 'working class' debate in the Officer Corps. yawn yawn yawn.

    female Officer recruiting is down massively, this is not going to help!
  12. Mid-80s IIRC.
  13. Why is the final ex in France? I thought it used to be in Cyprus?

    Are the girls really being sent to Afghanistan straight away? I thought it was a quaint British Army tradition to attend an STA course and PDT first.
  14. Not an more Canada for the summer term and St Cyr for the others. Im looking forward to it, might even get to see myself. Strange thing is that it is a one of documentary, only 25 minutes in duration. Yet the filmographer spent fecking ages at santanimo. Literally a whole term. Im pretty sure I can guess what the entire CC081 will be doing tonight.
  15. It was a bit pump given the amount of filming that was done. You never know, the director most probably had dreams of a 10 part series, but was cut down to size by the channel 4 hacks (read penny pinchers). They could have included a bit more from different parts of the CC that wouldnt have made it look like such a cake and arrse party. Cheers C4. Nice one...'tards.