Soldier gets kicked off bus.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ritch, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Was coming back from Town this morning when we stopped and a few passengers got on the bus, including a soldier, wearing camo, shiny boots and a big fcuk-off bergen over his back. Well anyway, to cut a long story short, he told the driver he was 10p short on the fare and was told to get off the bus. When the guy asked again, the driver threatened him with shopping him to the fuzz. I, and a woman sat next to me told the driver what we thought of him and us too were kicked off.

    I would like to see the fat knobber behind the wheel do half the stuff that man has done.

    Rant over.
  2. Why didn't you just lend him the 10p, ya f'kin tight b4stard, you could see he was carrying a BFO bergan ?????? Pah, some people, eh ??
  3. Pretty bad form from the driver, but if it was anyone else and they were 10p short, would you be posting about them? A fare's a fare, and if he didn't have the correct the money then the driver's well within his rights to do refuse a ticket. Bad form though! :x

    Edited to add, you could have just lent him 10p!
  4. Good for you to stick up for the chap....but might it have been an idea to have paid the 10p for him?....just a thought...

    (though perhaps I do live in cloud cuckoo land...)

  5. Because I only had a fifty note you twonk (!) I would have given him his additional fare gladly, but I was skint. Spent my last on my ticket
  6. Oooooh, hark at him, "I only had a fifty pound note", bloody show off :lol:
  7. and where exactly did you make that clear in your first post? Twonk? Hello pot this is kettle.....
  8. Pardon me if I'm not literate. :D :p
  9. Why was he getting on a bus in full kit plus camo? Very odd.
  10. The driver probably hasn't got the freedom to waive the fare.

    Edited for being too slow.
  11. Tut, some people. NOT full kit. Just camo with a bergen.
  12. Seems to me, (and dont get me wrong this is just an observation) People are desperate for squaddies to get grief in some form in order to cause outrage within the forces. There are countless goups on facebook now that hark on about the soldier who has just returned from Ops not being given free something or other. The bloke was 10p short, unlucky. He is a geek for getting on a bus in cam cream anyway, theres no reason for it. :?

    The British public are soon going to get bored of feeling sorry for us soldiers soon. Kicked off a bus for not having money, unlucky. Not given the proper care after returning injured from Operations, Unforgivable.

    [align=center]Lets get our priorities straight, after all we did volunteer![/align]
  13. I know what you mean but its not that reason I'm posting it. I just think that 10p could be forgotten. Not humiliated in front of the whole bus.
  14. was it an outrage bus you were kicked off?
  15. I was just wondering that myself. Tell him not to worry though,the outrage bus will along soon enough to pick him up. Not only will the driver wave the fare, he'll probably suck him off ;)