Soldier Gets a Break

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. oh , i'm pretty sure his section commander , troop sergeant and various other people will point out the error of his thieving little ways :twisted:
  2. Let him go to Iraq but be in a sanger for the duration. The little sh*t is a disgrace to the uniform. Would cancel his R and R and his POTL and make him do charity woprk during those periods instead.
  3. Surely he'd be bounced for bringing the army in disrepute and fined another wedge of cash? On top of his civvie fine and a filling in as proscribed by Shortfuse?
    Job done!
  4. I would suggest a spell in the glasshouse for his actions which disgraced the uniform! :evil:
  5. ...drunk and on the edge of Dartmoor... what is that about?? was he lost on the moors, or just terminally stupid...

    Get rid of him! surely the Army cannot be that desparate for man power!

    Prepare to stag on son! should be getting unpleasantly warm around about now in Eye Raq...
  6. What's his ethnic background?
  7. I'm all for giving people a second chance but there is a limit and trying to rob people that are in thier seventies probably goes beyond it. There is no excuse for this sort of behaviour. It will do us no favours for the Army to retain him - either in the eyes of the public or for his own unit. This way no one needs to fill him in, baby sit him at Colchester or worry about what he is going to get up to in Iraq.
  8. I'd say Welsh, as his surname is Hughes and he comes from the Rhondda in South Wales.
  9. Jail the chav and kick him out. :evil: The old man he tried to rob must be a diamond geeser. Give the old man his due, he must really be understanding, and thought he was doing the right thing. 8O
  10. The only Break this tw@t should get is a broken neck! Hardly in the finest traditions of the service going around breaking the windows of little old men. String the Fvcker up, I say!

    It's bad enough when the halfwits nick off each other in the lines - at least then if caught they can have their fingers slammed in a locker door.
  11. The old man obviously thought he was acting for the best 8O . As for Hughes he could fall foul of AGAI following the conviction. :twisted:
  12. I think they should get shot of him now.

    Fantastic attitude by the victim, but sadly misplaced in todays society. I would hazard a guess that this isn't the first time that sonny Jim has broke into a house.

    Sadly we now recruit from a generation where stealing is the accepted norm.
  13. The little fcuker should be made to fill sandbags during his downtime in Iraq, then on R&R sent back to Dartmoor to carry out tasks for the Gentleman who showed him compassion and understanding, then made to go there again for his post tour leave to carry out even more work for him around the house and garden.

    I would not want to be him when his Section Commanders get hold of him, Mr Terry is of the age that he probably served in the military or Home service during the war and thats why Hughes the little fcuker isn't under German rule.

    Makes my blood boil. :evil: :evil:

    Rant over :evil:
  14. 28 days Colchester, return to unit for another 14 inside then returned to Iraq for guard duty for 6 months with a psych review after that to see if he is fit enough to remain a soldier. Only then, if all things are equal he could then be considered cured and a soldier.

    Send him to P Co. and have his file displayed on the troop noticeboard with training NCOs told that he must pass out (of P Co) and they will not be frowned upon if "Old School" methods are used.