Soldier gets 21 days gaol for yawning.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheBigUn, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Commander's ego needs reducing. Fine, bollock him, but putting him in gaol for three weeks is a little extreme (and a pain for whoever has to cover for that soldier whilst he's away).
  2. That's reserved for farting with no follow through
  3. 2 man sanger, Girdwood Park a nice Hot August not so long ago.

    Bottom sentry opens rear gate for entering/exiting vehicles top sentry provides over watch/ perves the nurse walking towards the hospital.

    Top sentry has a wee kip as bottom one has a lot of space tween his ear and is able to make a insominac fall asleep.

    RSM of certain Lisburn outift stops car on waiting for mong to open gate, RSM asks mong why he hears a chainsaw in the sanger.

    Top soldier is taken off Adventure training course visits Colchester for a holiday, is advised that if the mong appears with sore ribs or black eye he is the first suspect.

    Fast forward one year mong gets his gf name on his arm only for her to dump him after he got found pogering a pikey girl.
  4. To get 21 days does seem to be extreme, though. I didn't even get that when I decked the Tp Sgt! :D :D :D

  5. What was her name?
  6. Hmm, tad extreme.

    Just kick him in that 'nads and have done.
  7. But only if there aren't any women in the crowd. I dunno, you'll be saying 'Jehovah', next.
  8. No names, no pack-drill, Marky. But as soon as Sgt McF****** exited the Sgts' Mess, I whacked him from behind with a back-door left-hook to the temple that would've downed a fückin' ox! It was just his bad luck that he'd offered me out in front of witnesses.

  9. You hit him from behind?
  10. Fückin' right I did, Pancho! This geezer was five inches taller than me and at least three stone heavier. What the fück did you expect me to to do? Square up to him Marquis of Queensbury-like? No fückin' way, pal!

    As soon as he lumbered out the door with his back to me, I fückin' slammed him with the best Bugsy left-hook I had on offer. That's the way you win, fella, and not with poncing about with honour and such.

  11. Not so much prancing arond with honour but thats a fcuking cnut act.... unless he deserved it.

    What kicked it off?
  12. Couldn't wait till he was asleep then :D ?