Soldier from Teeside dies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hydracobra, May 18, 2010.

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  1. It's just been announced, the soldier that was attacked has died in hospital,
    they need to string these guys up

  2. RIP, sleep tight, you will be missed :cry:

    Thoughts with his family and friends at this difficult time x
  3. Totally agree,sadly though this will not be the case,no doubt they will get a couple of years for manslaughter not murder and out of that couple of years a big chunk of that knocked off as well
    RIP Fella.
  4. RIP

    I truely hope that are ex-soldiers in the prison when the scum bag goes down!
  5. Sensless and I hope they go to prison for a long time. Rest in Peace.
  6. B0110cks they do. Send the cnuts out to Afghanistan, I am sure the EOD boys could find a use for them
  7. Sadly becoming more and more common, hope they get sent done for a long time.

  8. Terrible. RIP.
  9. Hope you don't mind a complete civvie butting in, but just wanted to say how utterly disgusting this attack is. Hope the full force of the law is felt by the waste of space responsible.

    Would love for them to be sent to Afghanistan as suggested, though am sure they will find more than a few of Her Majesty's guests and officers alike are more than welcoming during their hopefully long stay.

  10. There was debate last week when the guy was attacked whether this was a case was worthy of Hols 4 Heroes. No debate needed now; dig deep for the widow and son, she's going to need every penny.
  11. My thoughts as well....see how tough they are there!