Soldier from 2 Rifles Commits Suicide

Ok I know its the Daily mail (which In my opinion makes it sadder that no elses is reporting it) but here the mail reports of Rifleman Allan Arnold who hung himself a two weeks ago after almost two years struggling to come to terms with the deaths of so many of his friends during Herrick 10 five of whom where killed in the same inccident.
A cruelly ironic twist that this should make its way into a newspaper on the very same day the covenant was made part of the law.

RIP Rifleman we can only hope no others fall through the net in the years to come.

Afghanistan: Soldier Allan Arnold hangs himself after seeing 5 comrades killed | Mail Online

(apologies if this has already been done)
To be absolutely correct we don't know yet whether he has fallen through the net or not. There's nothing in the article about his involvement or not with army MH services. Though it is worth saying that very sadly the majority of people who take their own life have had no contact with MH services at all. All that's for the inquest though and not for now.

A very sad story and RIP.

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