Soldier found in glacier

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ciggie, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. Pockets emptied, great surprise that lamination on bifchits was common in 1915.
  2. Gizza link.
  3. Only the Italians would have thought of making their home in a glacier. I can hear it now: 'Hey, Tommy! Stylish no?'
  4. Aaadvvance, eess zis waiy, up da heeeel, ooops aaah sliiiiiiiped. Another VC. ( Very Cold ).
  5. Auld-Yin

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    What the **** are you on? Step away from the computer until you have grown up.
  6. The war in the Italian Alps and Dolomites, particularly the Great War, was possibly one of the most environmentally challenging ever. The Via Ferrata are still inplace and if you are either Great War or military mountaineering minded I suggest you go up and explore.

    Anybody who fought up there deserves the most respect possible. On my recent trip to Italy I visited an amazing local memorial in a village near Lake Garda - and apart from being annoyed that a Mk1 25 pdr was part of it - I was amazed by the percentage of their fallen who had been Alpini and died in 1917. We tend to forget the Italian front in both wars but in WW1 it was an extremely fierce front. The Italians were fighting to reunify Italy, the Austrians to maintain lands that had been their homes for centuries. At the end, 50000 "Austrian" civilians were forcibly repatriated to Austria and Czechoslovakia - ethnic cleanising is not that new.
  7. Now he's been found, is someone in line for 93 years back pay? Bada Bing! That's gonna be some 'millionaires' weekend, eh?
  8. No back pay Lefty, he'll be up in front of the OC, 93 years AWOL should get him a month or three of free food and accomodation.
  9. I thought only Foxes were found in Glacier mints.
  10. There´s some great war scenes at the Kaiserjäger Museum right next to the Olympic SKi Jump in Innsbruck,they actually lived and fought inside the snow covered mountains;They even tunnelled through those mountains to set off huge mines and the suffering of those soldiers must have been terrible just seeing how they lived and fought for so long totally changed my mind about Italian troops.
    There´s quite a few German language films showing the horrors of the war in the Alps but I haven´t a clue If any have been dubbed into English. Try watching Youtube´s Paths of Glory from 1957 with Kirk Douglas looks as if it gets the idea or the Italian film DAL Film Uomini Contro 1970 also on Youtube and in Colour!
  11. When you see photos of some of the Via Ferrata they had to use to get up to their fighting positions you have to admire them.
  12. "The White War: Life and Death on the Italian Front, 1915-1919" by Mark Thompson covers the fighting in that part of the world for anybody who is interested.
  13. Remains turn up periodically and no doubt will continue to do so far into the future as the ice/snow shifts plus climate variations. Frostbite was common place but moreover freezing to death as a number of troops sent to the mountains arrived in summer clothes with no winter kit available when the weather closed in. A big fault with the Italian Army at that time was a lack of belief in and practice of rotation. In general you were put into position where you literally stayed (for days, weeks, months), till you were dead or moved elsewhere – one of the failings of Caporetto.

    A contributor to men being lost in the snow was the use of avalanches as tools of war. This can be seen in the BBC4 series on Weather in the Snow episode. Bound to be repeated fairly soon.

    BBC - BBC Four Programmes - The Weather, Snow

    From Lake Garda you were only a few miles north of San Martino della Battaglia :omg:


    Usually overshadowed by the village of Solferino further south, where France fought against Austria – and Dunant was inspired to found the Red Cross – but if you’re up on the whole battle it’s quite essential. The Piedmont Army is commemorated there, a humbling ossuary, a great view from the tower and a better than passable restaurant in front of it. :wink:

    Battle of Solferino and other Lake Garda battles

    Ahem……do you not think Italy was trying to get back territory seized by the Empire?

  14. AEIOU - alle Erde ist Osterreich's Unterthan!