Soldier found dead in Arborfield

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Breaking news on Sky...... A soldier has been found dead in Arborfield Garrison. There are no other details at the moment.
If that is the case it's tragic that anyone gets in a situation where they are so depressed that they wish to take thier own life.

That said it will no doubt be added to the list of 'suspicious' deaths at Army camps and there will have to be a few more inquiries before the whole thing is allowed to rest.
God rest him
RIP goes without saying, Stagging on at that gate is boring but I wouldn't go that far, I do hope a proper investigation is carried out and they get down to why he did it, some people say its a cowards way out, I say it takes balls of steel and some big BIG reason to take that action. Arte Et Marte
I echo all the sentiments above.

Always desperately sad to go (wo)man down, however or whyever - with profound empathy for family & friends.

RIP, mate.
My sympathies to his family. They shouldn't have to go through this. RIP

Ne Obliviscaris
I had originally posted this here.

From Reuters:

LONDON (Reuters) - Police said on Sunday there were probing the unexplained death of a soldier at an army training camp in Berkshire.

Thames Valley police found the man's body at Arborfield Garrison in Finchampstead at around midnight on Friday.

"At this time no further information is available as to the circumstances surrounding his death. However as with all unexplained deaths, it will be fully investigated by police," a police spokesman said.

The man has not yet been formally identified.

The Ministry of Defence said it was aware of an incident in which a soldier had died.

"It is being investigated by Thames Valley police and we have no further comment at this stage," a spokesman said.

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Condolences to the family.
It's all these asteroids, they're affecting the site's shims minds.

That's why Legs got flown out of Cyprus strapped to an upright trolley in the back of a Herc, Lector style.
ditto, RIP
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