Soldier & Former Booty Canoeing 500km for H4H

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NATO soldier to kayak 500km for charity

MONCHENGLADBACH, Germany (September 29, 2009)— A British Army officer from Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and a retired British Royal Marine will attempt an unsupported 500 km canoe expedition from NIJMEGEN, Holland to the Tower of London beginning October 15 in order to raise awareness and money for the charity Help for Heroes (

In total the two will cover over 500km in just 10 days with all food and equipment carried in the kayaks.

Major Sam Stuthridge, a Royal Engineer from HQ ARRC and Mr Colin Appleby, a retired British Royal Marine now living in France, are scheduled to begin their journey October 15 and finish Sunday October 25.

The expedition will start under the road bridge at Nijmegen, itself the site of bitter fighting during Operation Market Garden in September 1944, and finish at Tower Bridge in the centre of London. The route will include transiting the River Waal to the Scheldt Estuary, along the coasts of Holland, Belgium and France, crossing the English Channel at Calais and navigating the North Kent coastline before entering the busy Thames Estuary and the final approaches to London.

The trip is not without its dangers; the English Channel is the busiest and most congested shipping channel in the world, the Thames Estuary serves the busy port of London not to mention the unpredictable October weather all of which might make for some interesting days on the water. When asked how he planned to cope with the fear and uncertainty, Stuthridge replied: “The Forces are very good at preparing their people to cope with situations where danger and uncertainty are a constant. Through adventurous pursuits such as kayaking, soldiers, sailors and airmen are put into unfamiliar environments and allowed to experience uncertainty and fear whilst also learning to suppress that gut wrenching feeling of anxiety. I’ll also be helped by the fact that Colin has such a vast amount of experience on the sea and on trips of this nature”.

Appleby served in the Royal Marines from 1974 through to 1986 and filled a number of positions in 40 and 42 Commando RM, 847 Naval Air Squadron and a short stint with the Army Commandos, 59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers. During his service he was selected to represent the Royal Navy in both White Water and Slalom racing. Colin currently lives in Mayenne, France but spends a lot of his time on the Brittany coast at St Nazaire.

Stuthridge, originally from Falmouth in Cornwall, has been in the Army since he left school at 16. He came up with the idea of this sponsored paddle despite the fact he has only been in the sport since 2006. “I will definitely be drawing on Colin’s technical expertise and sea experience on this trip. The tides and weather conditions will determine our programme and Colin will always have the final say on safety.” When at home in Cornwall, he enjoys kayaking on the River Fal and exploring the many coves and inlets found along the beautiful Cornish coastline.

Amazingly, these two intrepid paddlers will have only had one meeting before setting off on this epic journey. The only time they have met was on a training paddle at the end of September in Northern France. “24 hours a day for 10 days living in each other’s personal space might seem like a challenge in itself,” said Stuthridge. “But Colin and I both have a service background and this gives us a lot of common attributes. At the end of the day, it is not about us; it is about the commitment we have made to raise awareness and money for soldiers who are returning from operations less able than when they deployed. Help for Heroes is a great way to show them support and to make them feel appreciated for their sacrifices.”

You can follow their progress at .

Sponsorship donations can be made at .
Sam and Colin begin their Epic 10 Day Kayak from Holland to London today, you can follow their progress by pressing on the SPOT Tracking in their Website:

The Very Best of Luck to you both, not the easiest of tasks for Help 4 Heroes...

Please show them your support...
exnorthener said:

any one know how they are getting on!!!
You can check their progress on the SPOT GPS link on their Website, it looks like the weather has put them back a day, haven't heard much since 2 days ago. They are doing this for Help 4 Heroes so any encouragement is appreciated...

Thanks exnortherner 8)

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