Soldier-father in court over claims he smothered son

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 2, 2005.

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    This is a really sad case. The poor boy had a horrific genetic conditon that wasnt going to get any better and it appears that tha father didnt want the son to suffer any longer. I dont know who to feel sorry for on this one. :cry:

    any thoughts?
  2. Me and her indoor's agree that if either of us get to the point of " a vegatative state" it's time to help each other "out".

    We can never know what happens in these sad situation, or feel what the poor family feel. It's very sad and tragic.
  3. I just cannot believe that his wife is giving evidence against him!!!
  5. he killed her son and maybe she'd have rathered that he didn't. I understand where he was coming from on it, but he must have realised that there would be consequences.
    Also, it sounds like it was motivated almost as much by the man's own selfishness as by compassion for his child.
    Soldier said he would kill dying son, wife tells court

  6. When I watched the news yesterday they actually said that as soon as he comitted the act he telephoned his wife who returned home, where she found her crying husband craddling their son in his arms. They then proceeded to drink wine together and toast their sons life.

    As mentioned previously we all hopefully will never be faced with these emotions, but I feel that this was'nt an action by a parent with any malice intended, more by someone whom could'nt stand watching someone they loved suffering.
  7. How could you possibly know? We would all be better off waiting for the evidence to be presented to the jury rather than speculating on the basis of a single newspaper report.

  9. This tragic event was reported not longer after I met this guy who was on a CP course with the ex b/f. Lets hope none of us are ever put into a similar situation where such a traumatic and heart wrenching decision has to be made to end a loved ones life, be it through compassion and to prevent further suffering or through their own selfishness.

    Very sad :cry:
  10. Yes, it's very tragic - but to be brutally frank the father sounds like he did his best not to be around when all the hard work was required so I question how much he was really affected by the sheer hard physical graft of coping with a badly disabled child. It sounds very much like he left his wife to bear most of that particular burden while he drowned his sorrows in the pub.

    Good job that little boy's mother didn't take a similar view to the one his father took.

    If anyone had the right to play God in that house I suggest it was the mother who cared for the boy day and night, as well as their other son - not the father who seems to have been away pretty much on a permanent basis.
  11. I dont think we should rush to judge the father on his actions. Some of us are better at coping with stuff like this than others. Maybe he just couldnt cope with seeing his son be in such suffering. Maybe the wife was far better at it than the husband. Lets not rush to judge him. we dont know how we would deal with it until we have to.

  13. Had to show this thread to mrs Tigger, as she has spent a full career working with and for the physicly and mentally handicapped, it saddened her a lot as she has seen this kind of thing on so many occasions before, she said that Prodigal and Old redcap have it right ...............some people cannot cope with situations like this at all ,and that is fine there is support and help around and available but
    NO ON HAS THE RIGHT TO PLAY GOD.............
  14. Don't get me wrong. If I were right down on the floor with no life worth living, I'd hope someone would help me go. I'd do it for my wife if (God forbid) she got to the same state. I regard it not as playing God but - almost - being God who is said to be merciful.