Soldier faces deportation and jail

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. He volunteered to fight for Britain. Now this soldier faces deportation and jail... all over a speeding fine
    Sapper Poloko Hiri could be sent back to Botswana
    The UK Border Agency claimed speeding offence was a sign of 'bad character'

    He has served in the British Army for four years with an ‘exemplary record’, but Poloko Hiri has now been ordered out of the UK – because of a speeding offence.
    The 32-year-old from Botswana has had his application for citizenship rejected by the UK Border Agency who claimed the single offence was a sign of ‘bad character’.
    Officials ruled the soldier should be bracketed with murderers, rapists and drug dealers – ordering him to quit the country by next Friday.
    It is a decision that effectively leaves Sapper Hiri stateless as he faces certain arrest, prosecution and up to 25 years in jail if he returns to Botswana which deems enlisting in a foreign army a criminal offence.
    His case has left the Government accused once again of ‘betraying’ the military, following round after round of spending cuts.

    Read more: He volunteered to fight for Britain. Now this soldier faces deportation and jail... all over a speeding fine | Mail Online
  2. ‘exemplary record’ means **** all. I've got an exemplary record despite having a charge sheet as long as my arm including 18 days in pokey.
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  3. I'm pretty sure there's a thread running about this already.
  4. Not another one! When is this ridiculous state of affairs going to end? The rules need changing now.
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  5. In that case get out of this country, I give you until the end of the month.
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  6. There's always been a rule about only one thread per subject.
  7. Yez bozz, I'za be a good honky. I'za bee gone nextaweek bozz.
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  8. On a more serious note speeding is a matter of, in some cases, poor judgement not poor character. Especially since the reason for speeding was probably never requested.

    How on earth a speeding fine ever even came into the question is beyond me.
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  9. So presumably running down kids, robbery, rape (and **** knows what else) is considered to be 'good character'? Because they don't seem too bothered about deporting the shit that perpetrates that kind of 'offence'.
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  10. Didn't the Princess Royal famously get a speeding fine?
  11. They should deport the f-ing UKBA officials to Gitmo for lacking brains.
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  12. Get the speeding **** on the next plane out, after all the foreign rapists, junkies, terrorists, nonces, poppy-burners, muggers, conmerchants, granny-bashers, drug-dealers, gangstaz, etc. By the time we send him back, he will be about 90.
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  13. Illegal immigrants in Newhaven Connecticut recently won a lawsuit against their employer who paid them less than the minimum wage, they can't speak English, receive free medical care (just by turning up at the Emergency Room at Yale-Newhaven Hospital), free legal representation courtesy of Yale Law School, free/reduced rates at Connecticut's State Universities, they pretty much have immunity from arrest courtesy of the dingbat Mayor. Life is good in a country where the President regards illegals as heroes!
    The young man from Botswana should've bypassed the UK and headed straight here, as an African-American he would be pretty much first in line for any freebie going, ask Obama's aunt!
  14. So basically its fine for an employer to import illegals pay them shit wages.
  15. UKBA should be disolved as unfit for purpose or some such load of bollocks.
    Serve in the Armed Forces make a mistake and its the high jump for you sonny.
    Enter illegally, drive a car with no licence, insurance or mot, kill a young girl, don't stop and the judges let you stay because of some human rights bullshit.
    God you've got to love this country, Hammond or whoever the sec of def. is this week really ought to have a word in UKBA shell-like.

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