Soldier dies of war wound 63 years on

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hansvonhealing, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. Telegraph
    Soldier dies of war wound 63 years on
    By Daily Telegraph Correspondent

    A soldier who died more than 60 years after he was wounded in the Second World War may be one of the last direct fatalities to result from the conflict.

    Leslie Croft was injured by shrapnel while fighting alongside the Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment in Italy in 1943.

    He died aged 86 on Dec 31 from bronchopneumonia and a coroner has ruled that his illness was contracted because of the 63-year-old injury to his bowel.

    Stanley Hooper, the Rotherham coroner, told the inquest into the old soldier's death: "I would rather speculate that Leslie Croft, with regards to his age, will be one of the last men to die from a wound suffered in World War Two.

    "Those of us who live in a free country can be grateful for what he and others did in the war."

    But Mr Hooper said that despite Mr Croft's death being due to the wound, the old verdict of "died while fighting the King's enemies" was no longer available to him. Instead, he recorded a narrative verdict.

    After the hearing, Mr Croft's son, Steven, explained how his mother, Mary, could be unique in being twice widowed by the Second World War.

    He said: "My mother met my father when he was sent up to Northumberland to work at a German prisoner of war camp.

    "She had lost her first husband in the Second World War and we actually have a step-brother from her first marriage. We are wondering whether or not that is some kind of record."

    Mrs Croft lives in the nursing home in Rawmarsh, near Rotherham, South Yorks, where Mr Croft also lived until he was admitted to hospital just after Christmas.

    ...a long fight, valiantly fought.
  2. Strange thing to concern yourself with considering father's just died :?
  3. RIP fella.


    Apologies to all if my original comments seemed a bit off.

    I meant to put across that all fallen comrades deserve respect and our thoughts however long ago the incident occurred.
  4. That's tight CC RIP old man

    Better man then I
  5. Sad story, Seen one in the papers not so long back the old boy had deid due to an asbestos related illness which in turn was contributed to him working the smoke screens for the Rhine crossings
  6. God bless RIP
  7. "Those of us who live in a free country can be grateful for what he and others did in the war."

    This is what the people in civvi street seem to forget about to day if it was not like soldiers Mr Leslie Croft and is colleagues and all the soldiers who have fought for queen and country and are still fighting for queen and country we would not have the protection to live like we are to day .

    lots of soldiers receive physical and mental injuries but receive no care through all there life .

    If a soldier fights for queen and country then he/she should receive medical help at no cost through all their life's

    the Ministry of Defence failing in its duty of care towards our soldiers .

    R.I.P Mr Leslie Croft you family should be so proud of you , You and every soldier is credit to the u.k.
  8. One thing to remember is that the Missus will get a War Widow's Pension, as his death was due to, or contributed to, by wounds on active service.

    Docs (and it seems from this, Coroners) can be very helpful to the dependants of old vets - if they are aware of the war pension issue.

    It may need some further fighting from friends or the RBL, but something on the death certificate is hard to ignore...

    (BTDT, my Dad died 12 years ago, from effects of injuries sustained on the retreat to Dunkirk, according to the Oncology Consultant).
  9. saw this article in the Mirror earlier when I went to see my nephews-in-law. May he Rest In Peace
  10. Sadly, even if the lady is awarded the War Widows pension, I doubt if she will see any benefit. The article states she is in a nursing home, therefore, it's likely it will be used to pay for her keep....