Soldier dies in Cyprus

I can sort of see the point of people starting threads on soldiers who die on operations in Afghanistan but soldiers get killed week in week out from drink driving, street fighting, adventure training, at work, etc, etc.
Bravo_Bravo isn't a STAB. He's a non-deployable, useless war dodger who most of the blokes on the TA board hold in complete contempt.

Completely agree with FSJ, people die, it happens. On ops is a bit of an event, but this just sounds like an accident, many of which happen every day.

Condolencies to the poor blokes family though, waving him off on a sunny, non dangerous tour, and him coming back in a box. Must be shit.
Keep it sensible gents, people closer to the family read this forum. By all means debate the point but please don't hijack another thread to do it.