Soldier died from exposure to dep. uranium during Gulf War.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Means that

    Became exposed to radiation and causing cancer. Hmmm does the doctor not know the difference between sitting in a destroyed hulk hit by a DU round and pressure washing a dirty tank?
  2. Very sad. I knew Stu at 3 Div.. Rest In Peace mate.
  3. Jeez, I knew him as well. I was at 3ADSR between 89 and 91.

    RIP buddy.
  4. One despairs at times, are these people really so dense that it hasn't occurred to them that if DU rounds were so dangerous in radiation terms, that every coalition tank crewman who served in the two Gulf wars would now be either dead or suffering from cancer? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  5. RIP mate not a good way to go what ever the cause.
  6. I see your point but,, the nasty stuff is safely encased within the very core of the round itself. Only when the thing is detonated & spread all over the place extremley violently that probs may occour. I for one belive there may have been some strange shenanigans going on out there. GW1 was like one big infomercial to the arms industry, how we all marveled at bombs through letterboxes etc. Who knows what else went on ?? I personaly know 2 vets who have serious dehilibating diseases despite living a reasonably healthy life style. The Govt must think the same aswell as they would,nt have sent that questionaire out, about 10 yrs ago to EVERY serviceman who was in at the time of the war .

    RIP Soldier

  7. Do these said DU items, er, become in any way dangerous if, say they were buffed on a wire wheel and given as presentaion pieces? :? :alien: :puker: :cyclopsani: :cyclops:
  8. Ummm , has the said piece ever been used in a game of mess rugby after the presentation & sort of landed in the fire a few times 8O :D

  9. It, might have, got a bit warm on the buffing/wire wheel. I'm sure the dust couldn't have got in my lungs - I was using a breathing filter at the time. B&H filters :)
  10. The risk from DU particles particularly after impact were well known and advertised before GW1. Anyone stupid enoug to put a DU Rd on a grinder or buffing wheel deserves a Darwin Award.

    That said, it is a poor show that the MoD failed to send an expert witness in the Inquest
  11. Calm down - It didn't have feckin DU running through the middle of it like a stick of rock! :) If I had realised that it was DU I obviously wouldn't have put it on a wire or buffing wheel. (I'd have got some other twaat to do it for me!)
  12. Not quite as dense as the DU we were told fack all about I imagine.
  13. Thats you told CC :D , seriously tho , the battle grounds must of been awash with particles picked up by our Vehs. Easily digested when hosing them down.

  14. This is a ferocious complicated subject. I started a thread on it a while ago (which I now can't find) and I've been trying to gen meself up about it ever since. It's not as clear-cut as some folks would like to present it. There's been entirely too little research done on the subject for anybody to make any sort of judgement call.