Soldier denied payout in wrong type of bomb case.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PM-88, May 29, 2008.

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  1. To ARRSEers,

    Don't think this has been brought up yet, so thought I would post for all to read:

    "Stephen Llewellyn, a Falklands War veteran, was serving as a Sergeant in the Territorial Army in Basra in August 2003 when the military ambulance he was travelling in was torn apart by a roadside bomb during a riot."

    "He suffered chest and leg injuries and now walks with a stick but has been refused a lump-sum payment because of a dispute over whether the device was planted by Iraqi civilians or insurgents."

    Gets to the point of ridiculous, but for some reason it didn't suprise me... :roll:

  2. Now, if as a result of this of this incident (no disrespect) he suffered an attack of RSI or hurt feelings he could have hit the jackpot!

    Poor bugger. Must do wonders for TA recruitment.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I really want to scream. This current lot of w@nkers and chancers who are at the trough want a huge payrise then dictate policy about payouts to wounded soldiers, who stood up when asked without question and which is about need rather than simply greed, makes me puke.
  4. Surely the same animal?

    What is the difference? A bomb is a bomb. It is a mechanical device. It has no choice it what it does, no loyalty. IT WENT OFF FFS!

    What next? Sorry you can't have compen because the 122mm BM-21 rocket that took off your limbs is of Russian origin, but is was fired by a raghead and thus violates russian copyright laws. I have never heard so much ballooks in my puff!

    Give the bloke some dosh you sponging tw@ts! After all he is supposedly fighting your fecking fight. CNUTS! :x
  5. It's obvious that the government is the people's enemy and, this being the case, one would think it wise for them to keep HM Forces happy, in case of public revolt. A disgusting betrayal by a bunch of spineless and treasonous cnuts who are not fit to shine Stephen Llewellyn's boots.

    edited for spelling mongness.
  6. A disgrace, and another reminder of why I will not even lift the slightest finger to support this wretched government in their mendacious over-committed under-resourced overseas adventures. I scratch my head in wonderment that anyone actually still does.
  7. Remind me: how long ago did I read this??

    "Discrimination against Armed Forces personnel in military uniform is to be made a criminal offence under proposals accepted by the Government.

    A new law was one of 40 recommendations of a study ordered by Prime Minister Gordon Brown into ways to improve relations between the public and the military."

    As long as simple and plain gross injustices like this are allowed to persist, all just the lies of cowardly politicians. They make me want to puke.

    And these "spokespersons" who spew out the endless stream of trite and utterly worthless platitudes need culling.
  8. What does that matter?! A bomb is still a bomb at the end of the day!

    Out of interest, are you eligible for payout if you get hit by friendly fire?
  9. I imagine that some MPs logic is equal to that of someone like Fred West or Harold Shipman. Seriously.

    Poor soldier, how does one continue after this? How must it feel to know that those you have fought to protect and die for are turning their backs, blocking their ears and pushing you down into the mud?

    I wonder, when Gordon Brown lays his head on his pillow at the end of a long hard day at the office and reflects on his achievements and decisions does he consider this as 'a good result' and sleep soundly because of it?

    Government, you are shameful and disloyal.
  10. Not too sure, but we have enough people who have been involved with blue-on-blue incidents, so maybe you should be eligible...

    ...but introducing that just makes the bureaucracy that little bit more complicated. :roll:

    Hmm, feeling quite cynical tonight! :wink:
  11. If I recall - Bliar was denying any insurgency in Iraq in August 2003. Seems cut and dried to me. Wankstained spunktrumpeteers the lot of them.
  12. This is a fecking disgrace, especially when that well known (sorry, self-publicising) sex-change orifice of Airborne warriors wants £250k because her/his/its feelings have been hurt...cnuts.
  13. Sad, but understandable, The Accountant who issues the cheque for compensation must be sure about which type of bomb caused the injuries. or he might put the wrong amount in the wrong column in the ledger. Then the books wont add up, see, easy...
  14. Don't worry - his Labour MP is on the case!
  15. Simple really, a while ago i had the idea of fighting for queen and country same as my grandad in WW2 etc, to better myself, do my part and all that, now i can honestly say i am doing it for the money,plain and simple career that would suit me, As i cant go onto higher education for a proper career since i dont have enough GCSE at C level to do a proper A level that would benefit towards a career since the maximum i could achieve on most my GCSE papers was a D. There ya go :roll:

    Sad story i could comment some shit but i think i dont need to say how we all feel about this :evil: