Soldier Come Dancing

Good cause, well done.


This isn't proper squaddie dancing, where's the "synchronised 2 foot shuffle clutching a bottle in each hand"???

Where's the "stumble sideways, trip slightly on your own foot and windmill into the nearest person"?

Where's the "freeze on the spot, grin stupidly and widdle down both legs"?

Where's the "Turny roundy slowly, arms stretched round a mahoosive hoofer grinning at your mates over her shoulder and pulling faces" dance?
Shortfuse that is so true :D But sadly though lots of videos like that were probably submitted, the person filming them had most likely a)forgotten to turn the camera on or b) got distracted by a nice looking girl at the bar............. :wink:


Sky News article

"The competition is taking place online. The dance groups have uploaded their routines, either latin & ballroom, modern dance or showdance, and the public now have the chance to vote for their favourite".

Feckin funny Vids :eek: Good effort for good cause :wink:

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