Soldier Come Dancing! competition needs your support please

Hello to everyone here at ARRSE!

SSAFA Forces Help at Catterick Garrison are running a unique fundraiser - the Soldier Come Dancing! competition and we need your help!

How the competiton works...

We're asking servicemen and women who are based Catterick Super Garrison to get together and make some videos of themselves dancing. There are 3 team categories and 3 dance categories to choose from, and it's free to enter your video for the competition. We are open for entries now, and videos need to be sent to us by 28th September 2009 so there's plenty of time to perfect your routines!

Once we have all the video entries we are going to host them on our own You Tube channel.

On the 1st October 2009 we will open our You Tube Channel for public viewing. At this point the competition starts...

The public, and anyone who visits our event website, or our You Tube Channel, can view all the competition videos for free. They can also vote for their favourite video - and that's free too. Additionally, and this is how we hope to raise our money from this event, they can show their appreciation for their favourite videos by making a voluntary donation via the Just Giving hyperlinks for each individual video. The minimum donation will be just £2.00.

We will record the numbers of views and votes each individual video gets, and how much each one gets in support donations.

The viewing of the videos, voting and donations can be made from the 1st of October through to 30th November 2009 when the competition closes. On 1st December 2009 we will identify our prize winners and announce them.

It will be the public who visit our event websites to view, vote and donate who decide who the winners are!

There will some great prizes to be won...

The People's Grand Champion Prize will go to the video that raises the most money in support donations. More details on this great prize will follow soon!

A further two prizes - The Viewer's Champion Prize and the The Voter's Champion Prize - will be awarded to the video that gets the most votes overall, and the video that gets the most viewings overall.

Our Prize Fund currently exceeds £1,500 in value and is still growing!

We will also be giving Category Champion Trophies to the runners up.

OK - so that's how it works ... but what can ARRSE'ers do to help us?

We want to raise as much as we can from this competition, and there's lots of ways you can support us both now, and once the public phase of the competition starts...

How to help us NOW!

Our competition actually starts on 1st October 2009 - but we need lots of video entries to really make this a success. We're worried that our serving boys and girls here at Catterick might be a little shy! So we need your messages of support to encourage them to enter - but publishable ones please as we want to put these up on our website! Details of how to send them to us are on our website.

We also suspect there are quite a few people from Catterick that are AARSE regulars - so get your dancing shoes on and get an Entry Pack from us now! email us at and we'll get one out to you right away.

Also, if anyone from ARRSE know of any celebrities who might be prepared to support us either by becoming a celebrity judge, or simply by sending in a personal message of support, please either speak to them on our behalf and ask them to contact us, or let us know how we can contact them ourselves.

How to help us once the competition starts

Once we launch the competition to the public we will need lots and lots of people to come to the website to view, vote and donate - so you can help us by spreading the word to as many people as you can. By sending an email to everyone you know with a link to our website, and asking them to pass it on to their friends, we can spread the news of the Soldier Come Dancing! competition far and wide.

We are hoping to make this an annual event and are already talking to sponsors for next year's event. However, the amount we can raise in sponsorship depends on how many unique hits we can clock up this year.

We'd like to get 500,000 unique hits - but 1 million would be even better!

By spreading the word you can help us achieve this target - and more sponsorship money means that there is more SSAFA Forces Help can do to support all the servicemen and women, and their families and dependents from Catterick Super Garrison.

More information, including Competition Rules and lots more news about the competition, can be found at our Soldier Come Dancing! event website

I do hope that everyone here will help us make Soldier Come Dancing! a success, and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

The SCD! Competition Organiser
SSAFA Forces Help Catterick Garrison
Hi JP47 - I agree it's a classic - sadly though the rules of the competition mean that all the entry videos have to be made just for the competition - we can't accept videos that have been out on the internet on places like You Tube before. That way you see we can guarantee that all the videos will be new ones and never seen by the public before.

But, like I say, that certainly is a classic video - thanks for posting the link!

SCD! Organiser


Have you advertised to the wider SSAFA community?
Hi oldbaldy : Yes, this is going to be advertised to the wider SSAFA branches and divisions once we get close to the public phase of the competition - because at that point we will need all the help we can get to spread details of the website and to encourage people to visit and view the videos. At the moment we are concentrating on getting messages of support from fellow servicemen and women, and on getting celebrity participation, which is why I thought of coming to AARSE since so many come here - and AARSE'ers connections are legendary!

Hi DozyBint : thank you very much for posting it in RP - I do hope that the wives and girlfriends will join in too, both in encouraging their OH's and in actually getting involved in doing videos! As our rules require only 1 serving person in each team, and there are no age restrictions (unless you are a Team Captain), then wives, girlfriends, friends and children can get involved. We very much would like this to be a "family affair" :)

With thanks to both of you for replying to my post :)

The SCD! Organiser

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the Soldier Come Dancing! Competition is now live!

Visit the webste at and check out the videos we have! They are in equal measures brilliant, hillarious and completely entertaining!

Thanks for supporting us!

SCD! Organiser
SSAFA_Catterick said:
Just a quick post to let everyone know that the Soldier Come Dancing! Competition is now live!

Visit the webste at and check out the videos we have! They are in equal measures brilliant, hillarious and completely entertaining!

Thanks for supporting us!

SCD! Organiser
I know where my vote is going Grease Monkeys

Reni v Venom in a dance off would be fun, but not as funny as that. :D :D


Book Reviewer
LMAO - Awh that made me giggle, not sure where to put my vote though, need to re watch me thinks!

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