Soldier Cleared of Murder

ARMY prosecutors were blasted last night after a case against a British soldier accused of Iraq war crimes collapsed.
Lance Corporal Barry Singleton, 24, had faced a murder charge for shooting dead a suspected insurgent.

But after a probe lasting more than two years he was found to have acted lawfully.

The Army Prosecuting Authority decided there was not enough evidence to proceed.

The legal U-turn was the latest in a series of bungles by military investigators.

L/Cpl Singleton is serving with his regiment, the King’s Own Scottish Borderers, in Ulster.

His mum Ann, 59, of Hawick, Roxburghshire, said: “Barry was out there working and he was just doing his job.”

The case echoed that of Trooper Kevin Williams, a tank driver accused — but cleared — of murdering an Iraqi who was grappling with a comrade.

General Sir Antony Walker, ex-Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff, warned of the risks of prosecuting soldiers doing their duty.

He said: “They will begin to hesitate before they act because of the legal consequences, and be killed as a result.”

Abuse charges are outstanding against up to 26 troops.

This was from the Scum! Good news for a change and glad the APA saw sense.
Good news.
Will the same force of the law be applied to the coppers who cashed the Brazilian? or are they still on holiday?

Goodluck to L/Cpl Singleton-soldier on mate!!!
Better to be judged by 12 then carried by six.
Troops in combat situations deserve special consideration. If they consider their life is at risk then that alone is a powerful argument for their actions.
I am not condoning murder in any form but the man risking his neck must have understanding of his actions.
Found innocent of charges? Good. Soldier on. Pasty, what page of the Sun was this on, out of idle interest?
How typical. Happens here all the time. Someone makes a huge issue out of nothing. The powers that be run to lock everyone up, without looking at all of the facts, and two years later, egg on their face. Liberals love to try and nail military and cops. 99 out of a hundred times, it backfires on them.
If I ever (god forbid) found it necessary to murder someone - I would make sure it was on a military base in Germany.

What with the bungling RMP evidence gathering and the prosecuting incompetence of the APA - you'd be free in hours.


A spokeswoman for the attorney general said: "The army prosecuting authority must determine two things before proceeding with a case. Firstly, is there a realistic prospect of conviction?

"Secondly, is it in the public interest to proceed? If these tests can't be met, then the prosecution doesn't go ahead and that's what's happened in this case."
I understand. So it is not in the public interest to proceed then (no matter was it a crime or not) any case should be closed. Previously I thought that so called 'public interest'is absolutely irrelevant and the most important thing is: was it a crimeor not.

I believe that the lad is a good soldier and in fact absolutelyinnocent. But remark of the spokeswoman makes situation unclear.
"Secondly, is it in the public interest to proceed? If these tests can't be met, then the prosecution doesn't go ahead and that's what's happened in this case."

Gobsmacked, What the F has Public Intrest got to do with any crime ?
It sounds like the ultimate get out clause for any/all politicians.

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