Soldier cleared of Irag murder?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The Sailor, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. Just caught a glimpse of the Sun front page for tomorrow on tv. Looks like a squaddie has been cleared of murder in Irag, anyone seen or know of this?
  2. The front page of the sun has now been posted on their web site
  3. if its true, good how can you be tried for a murder during wartime.
  4. Quite easily if you actually commit pre-mediated murder (as opposed to properly sanctioned combat - Oops, was it!?)

    From everything I've seen reported on this incident the case should never have been brought, the guy appears to have acted correctly given the situation he found himself in. I wonder how much tax-payers cash was wasted to get it this far. Perhaps the CPS needs to bring in some help when looking at cases such as these so that they can weed out this sort of thing earlier, it's not as if we're dealing with 'normal' situations or conditions
  5. you know what i mean, even the rmp protested the guys innocence.

    Kevin is handsome lad. He doeasn't look as soulless 'murderer'. I belive Sir Antony, so this case is clear.

    Now look at The Times:

    Frankly speaking I strongly doubt that this story is truth. 600ft of open dround? Even 15y.o boy with Kalashnikov could kill a lot of Britons.

    It seems to me that MoD knows the truth. But what is the truth?

    But this story has happy end.

  7. Sorry, should have put in a winking smilie, twas extracting the urine a bit!
  8. Please note Nothing is Official as Yet - Wait out until Thursday. There is to be a hearing then.
  9. Must have made it difficult for them to ethically try and beat a false confession out of him then??