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Soldier cleared of Irag murder?

Just caught a glimpse of the Sun front page for tomorrow on tv. Looks like a squaddie has been cleared of murder in Irag, anyone seen or know of this?
Shakespeare said:
if its true, good how can you be tried for a murder during wartime.
Quite easily if you actually commit pre-mediated murder (as opposed to properly sanctioned combat - Oops, was it!?)

From everything I've seen reported on this incident the case should never have been brought, the guy appears to have acted correctly given the situation he found himself in. I wonder how much tax-payers cash was wasted to get it this far. Perhaps the CPS needs to bring in some help when looking at cases such as these so that they can weed out this sort of thing earlier, it's not as if we're dealing with 'normal' situations or conditions

CLEARED Iraq squaddie Kevin Williams was an innocent pro trying to save a comrade, a General said last night.

General Sir Antony Walker, 70, said the trooper was a hero, not a murderer after he shot dead an Iraqi he believed was trying to grab a gun.
Kevin is handsome lad. He doeasn't look as soulless 'murderer'. I belive Sir Antony, so this case is clear.

Now look at The Times:


SHIELDED only by a narrow bank of baked earth as bullets flew and a grenade exploded ominously close by, Corporal Mark Byles, 34, glanced at the four soldiers who lay sweating on the ground beside him and knew what they had to do.

“Fix bayonets!” he shouted. “We’re going to assault the positions in front. Are you all up for it?” There were no objections. With the steel in place on their SA80 rifles, the men of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR) charged across 600ft of open ground towards the enemy trenches, taking it in turns to stop and provide covering fire while their comrades advanced.

Byles, from Portsmouth, reached the first trench with another corporal, Brian Wood. “I wanted to put the fear of God into the enemy,” he said.
Frankly speaking I strongly doubt that this story is truth. 600ft of open dround? Even 15y.o boy with Kalashnikov could kill a lot of Britons.


A HERO soldier who led a bayonet charge on rebels in Iraq has been disciplined for speaking about his bravery.

Corporal Mark Byles, 34, of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, revealed details of the operation in a newspaper.

He described how he attacked insurgents firing rocket-propelled grenades from a trench after his battalion went to help troops on the main road between Basra and Baghdad.

But a Ministry of Defence source said: "The Army says he's disclosed classified information."
It seems to me that MoD knows the truth. But what is the truth?


Tuesday, Jun 22, 2004,Page 7

Iraqis were "tortured" by British troops who killed some 20 in fighting at Al-Majar al-Kebir in the south of the country on May 14, the Guardian reported yesterday, citing death certificates drawn up by the town's hospital.

Of 22 certificates issued by hospital director Dr. Adel Salid Majid, copies of which were obtained by the newspaper, seven reported signs of "mutilation" and "torture."

The daily gave details of the cases:

Ahmad al Helfi, a 19-year-old casual laborer, is described as having "several bullet injuries to the body, with blueness of the left eye and a cut-wound by a sharp tool on the right arm. In addition, there are signs of beating and torturing all over the body."

Haider al Lami, 21, also a casual laborer, had "several bullet injuries to the body, with mutilation of genitalia." His penis had been "severed."

Hamed al Suadi, 19, is recorded as having "bullet wounds to the neck and the foot. There are signs of torture: The right arm is fractured and there is full distortion of the face."

Another, Ali al Jemindari, 37, had "several bullet injuries in head, face and the body, with slash marks on the neck. The right arm has been severed at the shoulder. There is a large opening in the right cheek and the removal by gouging of the right eye."
But this story has happy end.


The Military Cross (MC)
Corporal Mark Richard BYLES The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment
Lance Corporal Brian WOOD The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment
Shakespeare said:
Quite easily if you actually commit pre-mediated murder (as opposed to properly sanctioned combat - Oops, was it!?)
you know what i mean, even the rmp protested the guys innocence.
Sorry, should have put in a winking smilie, twas extracting the urine a bit!
Shakespeare said:
Quite easily if you actually commit pre-mediated murder (as opposed to properly sanctioned combat - Oops, was it!?)
you know what i mean, even the rmp protested the guys innocence.
Must have made it difficult for them to ethically try and beat a false confession out of him then??

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