Soldier class pay

Tried searching, but couldn't find (using my phone).

I've been in the army since August 07 (when I started depot). After an injury I finally got to battalion jan 09.

Now, I'm being paid as a class 2 solider and ATM I'm being paid as a level 5 pte.

I've had and AIP on my payslip since start of last year, which I've been told is my class 1, but my clerk has told me I can't get it till June/July.

Is this correct? I've had other people tell me different things.
your pay slip will state you have 1 AIP Available because either:You are a Class 2 Sldr (need to do class 1 cse)if you are a class 1 sldr, There is an error in your JPA record (Clerk needs to send a AIP Request form to JPAC)

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