Soldier charged for refusing to go back to Iraq.

Peoples opinions and views change through education and experience. If this bloke wants to be a pacifist that is all fine for me.

But the question arises, did he become an objector before his mobilisation or after.

If it was before then how could he still he have the conscience to carry on soldiering.

If it was after, my, my, how convenient. He signed a contract.

Well, if he is a conscientious objector, there is a simple way to meet the needs of his new-found and dearly held beliefs and to achieve the aims of the Army. Re-muster him to medic and then ship his ass to Iraq. He can treat not only his fellow soldiers, but also any injured or ill Iraqi civilians. And, as he is a conscientious objector, he can do it without the burden of carrying a firearm. Should sort him out in double-quick time.

Unless of course, he is a lying rat-b*stard. In which case he might squirm a bit.
It is ablolutely shocking that he can even think of refusing. He should of considered being deployed before he joined. And if he doesn't go then someone will ahve to take his place. What if that soldier gets killed doing the job he is supposed to be doing. He'll have it on his conscience for the rest of his life

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