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Soldier boyfriend on from leave Afghanistan

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Ian had recently returned from a trip to Afgahnistan but had seen a couple of his friends shot and killed.

Edit. cos Mail can not spell Afghanistan

Had be there longer enough to see any of his mates die?
Was he there long enough? I've never seen any of my mates killed and I've stabbed loads of people to death. The key is to just press on and not spend so much time trying to think of an excuse.


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has he been there long enough?
No. For stabbing a girl to death in front of a 4 year old I would hope he has to do time at Her Majesties Pleasure. And I would hope when his defense team put in the inevitable PTSD appeal that I am on the bench. And my piles are playing me up. Then I can dismiss quckly and **** off to have my breakfast sitting on a cushion.
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