Soldier avoids prison due to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plant-Pilot, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Clicky

    Prisons full and he avoids prison for 'affray' because he's needed in Afghanistan...... Chavs just avoid prison for the same thing because they are wasters and a drain on society...... News or Non-news?
  2. Thank f uck he didn't get turned away from a hotel.

    Ding ding.....all aboard

  3. Man it's awfully quiet , is the outrage bus VoR'd?
  4. I think it's still on the Metro Hotel run.
  5. Lex are doing the maintenance.

  6. It must be PP , poor WFM I'd say. Fancy not having a spare bus available.
  7. glad to see that some judges do recognise that there are ways to repay one's 'debt'....

    not too long ago I managed to get one of my lads off an almost certain bit of cell-time ..... his case, 3.5 times over the limit... decided to go for a little drive at 4am.... ended up sticking his car into another car, just as the owner, a police officer coming off duty, was heading home......

    the judges own words 'this court recognises that there is no higher price than being called upon to serve your country on operations, therefore a tour of duty in 'the desert' is deemed worthy repayment of your debt......' ( or words to that effect)....

    He was lucky yo be a good egg, hot at his job, para-trained.... was a good feeling. (OC hated me for sticking up for the lad! cnut)
  8. I think this is news... If he's guilty of affray he deserves to be disciplined - if necessary delay it until after his Afghan tour...

  9. I don't like to see our lads doing time, but if he's done the crime, why not? What message does this send out to young soldiers?
  10. What punishment would be fitting, if he came back minus a limb?
  11. this may sound out of place... but they way I saw the 'hierachy' approach it... the question was asked whether the guilty party 'was worth keeping or not...?' if not, he was usually hung out to dry... if he was worth keeping, then people would go the whole hog and support, pull strings where needed....

    I don't know where I sit with this point of view.... its sounds like very murky water to me.
  12. Whats new about a squaddie using his job to get out of trouble?
    I remember getting chased by the bundespolizei back in 89 after driving through a speed checkpoint at bout 80mph through a 80kmh zone.Must have been a couple of k's and the guard on our gate let me in but wouldnt let the boxhead in hehe..
    When it went to the CO i used the old "I was followed" all the way from frankfurt by a vehicle 2 up at speed so i booted it all the way back.
    Fcuck stopping!
    My motor was conditionally held at the guardroom car park for 7 days. :lol: Thank god for Opel rekords
  13. My point was, he got off a custodial sentence because he was going on tour. A chav gets off anyway, no tour required, in fact, no job, no money, no use to society at all.

    Seems a little off to me. :?
  14. For affray as a SNCO about three months should do it. He is just bl00dy lucky that the Beak took this view. His behaviour in down town Shrewsbury has got fcuk all to do with what he does or does not do in Helmand.
  15. You got a point, personally I think they should bring back the town stocks for such scrotes..
    Put em on show, humiliate them degrade their stupid little pathetic world leave em chained up in Y fronts outside their old shcool, that sort of shite.