Soldier allocated Key worker housing

Key worker Housing - Forces eligible ?

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Sorry if this is a bit old hat but may be of interest to people serving in Aldershot / Hampshire generally ?

As she works in DORSET I did rather wonder what the policy was down there?


First soldier takes up Key Worker Housing
1 Jun 07

Corporal Sasha Atkinson received the keys to her new home yesterday, 31 May 2007, becoming the first member of the Armed Forces to benefit from the Government's Key Worker Living Scheme.

Launched in 2004, the Key Worker Living (KWL) Scheme helps certain public sector workers to buy or rent a home at an affordable price. Since 2006 the scheme has been opened up to eligible Armed Forces personnel as well as some MOD civilians.

There are various ways of getting assistance under the scheme. Corporal Atkinson opted for the shared equity scheme, whereby she purchased 75% of a brand new two bedroom house (via a mortgage), while the remaining 25% is retained by Sentinel, the Housing Association who built the property. The 25% only becomes repayable if Corporal Atkinson ceases to be a key worker. Of course, if she sells the property she only sells 75% of it.

Corporal Atkinson serves with the Royal Corps of Signals. She joined the Army five years ago and has spent two years in training and two years serving in Germany. She is currently undertaking a Class 1 Technicians course at the Royal Signals base in Blandford, Dorset.

Wanting to base herself in the area and buy her first property she'd been househunting for some time when her Commanding Officer handed her a KWL scheme leaflet. She found out more and has now got the keys to her house in Basingstoke. She'll be moving in during the next couple of weeks:

"I wouldn't have been able to afford something down here unless it was through shared ownership," Corporal Atkinson said. "This was an excellent opportunity for my husband and I to get a home together and we thank Sentinel for all their help in making it a reality."

Sentinel is the Housing Association who provides Key Worker Housing in the North Hampshire area. They are given money by the Department of Communities and Local Government to build housing on condition it is sold to key workers.

Key workers include teachers, NHS staff and police. In September 2006 certain Armed Forces and MOD personnel were included in the scheme. These are personnel who have completed their basic training and are one of the following:

regular service personnel (regular service personnel including Military Provost Guard Service, in the Navy, Army and Air Force)
Clinical Staff (with the exception of doctors and dentists)
MOD Police Officers
uniformed staff in the Defence Fire Service

The scheme is targeted at workers in London, the South East and East of England, where there are problems with recruitment and retention. The idea is that the scheme will help to keep key workers in their jobs retaining the essential skills the Government needs in public services.

The other ways of buying property under the KWL scheme other than shared equity include:

New Build Homebuy, whereby the key worker purchases between 25% and 75% of a new build property and rents the remainder;
Intermediate Rent Scheme where the accommodation is provided by a registered social landlord and the rent for a property is set at a level between that charged by social and private landlords. The tenant is likely to pay between 75% to 80% of the local market rent for the type of property that they live in.
Eligible members of the Full Time Reserve Service (Full Commitment) will qualify for Intermediate Rent schemes only.

"Opening up the Key Worker scheme to Service personnel not only helps to meet the aspirations of Service personnel for affordable home ownership in high cost areas; it also recognises the contribution made by the Armed Forces to the community at both local and national level. It is just one of the initiatives that the Government is providing to promote home ownership amongst the Armed Forces."

Sentinel, who manage over 7,000 homes in North Hampshire, have 72 properties available on a part buy, part rent basis for key workers. More Armed Forces personnel are due to take possession of properties under the KWL scheme shortly. Val Bagnall, Sentinel's Business Director, said:

"Sentinel are delighted and proud at its continued success in delivering a wide range of quality homes for key workers in North Hampshire. Delivering the first key worker home for Service personnel, in the country, follows on from Sentinel's continued good work with the Government to develop the delivery framework to assist Service staff under the Key Worker programme."

To date, Sentinel have helped over 300 key workers (a mixture of NHS staff, police staff and teachers) in North Hampshire to get onto the property ladder

Anyway thought it might be of interest - didn't think it fitted in Charities and Welfare!

Le Chevre
So, this soldier is on her first class course in Blandford and has bought a house in Basingstoke. Blandford to Basingstoke isn't too bad, I suppose, but where will she be posted once she finishes the course?

The article doesn't state whether she is living with a partner/children which will have affected her decision.

However, I am not convinced that this is sensible for someone in the R Sigs who can be posted almost anywhere in the world (embassies etc)!

I do hope she has fixed her mortgage for a few years!


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