Soldier allegedly cut fingers off dead Taliban

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BBC News - Soldier allegedly cut fingers off dead Taliban (c) Auntie

This will be all over the press - as a distraction from phone tapping/the economy/riots etc if nothing else.

Leaving aside tasteless comparisons to the US experience in Vietnam, this looks to be another stick with which to beat the military.
Well its not like he was using them any more.

But your right though, thankfully the natives are playing up so its a good day to bury enemy dismemberment.
Just heard this on the news on BBC Radio 5 Live

The Ministry of Defence is investigating claims that a soldier sliced fingers off dead Taliban fighters to keep as souvenirs.

It is understood the allegations relate to a soldier from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders who was serving in Afghanistan.

The claims centre around the regiment's last tour of duty in the country.

It was deployed in Helmand from September 2010 until April this year, tasked with training Afghan police.

Soldiers from the regiment are recruited in Scotland but based in Canterbury, in Kent.

The Ministry of Defence would not be drawn or whether the soldier in question had been suspended pending the investigation's findings.

BBC News - Soldier allegedly cut fingers off dead Taliban


Interesting comment on current morality, it seems fine to kill them but wrong to cut off a body part post-mortem.
Current morality? I think you'll find that it's been quite some time now since the taking of body parts for trophies has been considered acceptable. However, it has always been acceptable to kill an enemy intent upon killing you. Perhaps you can explain what you mean by 'current morality'?
The lost fingers have been found!!!

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