soldier accommondation frimley park

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by davedaniels, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. just found im getting posted to frimley park, where do male jncos get accommodated?
    is it comparable to fort blockhouse?
  2. Buller Barracks in Aldershot.

    Are they comparable, possibly, Buller does not have a sea view. Does anyone else have some comparators?
  3. There's a good pub just down the road from Buller Barracks called the Trafalgar Inn.

    Medics are always treated well in there! :)
  4. im guessing its not z type then
  5. do you know what happens with messing, payd i m guessing, whats the score with payd when you are not near the cookhouse, like when you have to work at frimley, do you claim back anything, or nothing.

    also do you get htd, if so do i get a carpark pass for fp.

    anything else useful would be great, my new boss knows nothing and has been no help
  6. There is transport from Buller Bks to FPH. Parking at FPH is dire.

    Not sure if soldiers are on PAYD - Offrs and SNCOs are not, and can order a packed meal if they don't want to buy canteen food at FPH.
  7. I love Buller :D :police:
  8. Have we not torn that god-forsaken place down yet?
  9. The Civilian staff, get a car pass, but it costs about £7 a month. :)

    Hospital administrators do not! :)
  10. Dave,
    Buller Bks is old and in poor condition but all the MDHU staff are in the same block and left alone by the rest of the camp. It will be torn down around 2013 but only after the new blocks have been build across the road.
    Food is basic but ok. It's not PAYD so if you miss a meal then you must use JPA to claim it back making sure you keep your receipts from what you bought in the hospital.
    Parking at the hospital, if you can find a space will cost you £84 for the privilege (motorbikes as free) or as mentioned above then you can get the sunshine bus.

  11. I am sure that you will be delighted to hear that it is now over £100 according to the email I got recently, and if you are living at Buller and transport is provided, then you will not get it back.

    On the plus side, as worm mentioned, you will be able to claim MOA.
  12. Get a push bike. I cycled to and from Aldershot and FPH for all of my posing there (ok, not during the snowy weather). You even get pedal cycle HTD. There is secure cycle parking on site and we got a week of free fry ups from the trust during national cycle to work week.