Soldier 95 Uniforms

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by EEU_196, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. I made some soldier 95 uniforms for ya'll at ARRSE, they are in the beta stages, this is about 1 hours work:


  2. Oh and I'll make a closed shirt one also, and i have a long sleve one already made.
  3. I need more of a bulge in the crutch than that mate. Do they have to be so tight, we're not French you know.
  4. I said they are in beta stages so pe patient, I've redone the shirt and trousers and they are avalible from me in game for 100$L (Contact: Eoghan Barbosa)
  5. Good effort Eog. Did you manage the berets ?

  6. Not yet, if anyone here knows how to make objects properly please contact me via pm or in SL. Thanks.
  7. 100 lindens??
    If you were a good egg you would nock em out for nothing :D
    Fair play though they look good.
  8. oh god
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  12. Enough of the spamz in my thread thanks :threaten:
  13. Hurry up with the berets, oh and a pair of danners would be nice.......
  14. And if you can bull my boots while you're there - it would be appreciated, i've got a reputation to think of :thumleft:
  15. Ok both of you, I need time, its my time and I haven't got the patients to sit down and learn how to make small items such as berets. Anyone who can find a beret that is modifiable, please contact me via SL or PM.