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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by system-switch, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. As I will be the same age as Falklands war this year, the wife has decided to throw an 80's themed party. Not wanting to do the usual shell suit thing, or turn up looking like Miami Vice or Adam Ant, what was the must wear rig for going on the piss in 1982?
  2. A Black plastic Bin Liner with holes for your head and arms.
  3. What I'm still wearing now......jeans, DB's, check shirt, flying never goes out of style!
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  4. Maroon top, Levi 501's, piss stained dessies and a green bomber jacket
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  5. For me it was a semi sort of Spandau Ballet look, brushed jeans, baggy at the top with pointy boots and a shirt with small buttoned down collar. Was very trendy then but fills me with horror now.
  6. you know you want too.........

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  7. I'm a nudist so I'm afraid I can't help you. I do, however have some pics of me in the buff in '82 if that's any good;-)
  8. DBs? Waaaaaaah
  9. Waaah, you soft twat. It was even in my 1st post cunningly hidden as white text.
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  10. Big hair a must.
  11. Not if you rock up with Bomber jacket and 11 hole DM's!
  12. Deutchmarks?? Waaaaaah!
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  13. Did female soldiers dress like that in 82?
  14. You know full well they were more "Butch" than the blokes in them days!
  15. As I was only fucking six at the time, my rig for pissing myself (not often as I was now wearing big boy pants, although the occasional accident did happen), tended to be a childs size Action Man outfit, complete with maroon beret and Action Man badge (I was only attached you see).