Soldier 2000 ?


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I left the army in 2005, but am hoping to re join this year. Ive heard that combat 95 has been replaced with a new uniform, I think named soldier 2000.
Does anyone know about the new working dress?...Ive heard its similar to barrack dress?

Combat 95 hasnt actually been in that long, when you think that the old working dress was in for years..lightweights, olive shirt, with jumper.

So am surprised its apparently changing again.
Still the same shi@t just with more badges!!! depending what unit you go too! especially 7 Signal Regiment!!! its like being a scout with all the pointless badges


Perhaps the programme you are thinking of is the unfortunately named "Crusader 2000". No surprise - it's not in service.

It's been superseded by a cut-down version called "PECOC". Personal Equipment and Common Operational Clothing. ISD sometime after 2010 I believe. (I don't!!).

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