Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Bowser-Mong, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone confirm if the officer Major Matt Bacon who lost his life the other day (sorry I dont have the exact date) is the same Matt Bacon who was an Air Trooper in the Army Air Corps? Only reason I ask is that I heard that the AAC Matt Bacon got a commission. He served at 1 Regt Hildesheim. Please e-email me . Thanks. if so I shared a room with him in Canada
  2. Gob smacked.................

    My condolencies and thoughts are with Matts family and loved ones at this time.

    I was his first room mate in HQ Sqn when he joined!

    Monstrously fit and a very able Atpr who was obviously destined for a great career.

    Deeply in my thoughts.....................................................
  3. Absolutely gutted!

    I went through training with Matt Bacon, both at Junior Leaders then again through Middle Wallop.

    Quiet and unassuming, but fiercly professional and exceptionally fit.

    RIP mate, you'll be sadly missed.
  4. Bugger.

    Also gobsmacked. What a waste. Will be sincerly missed.

    RIP Biffa.
  5. My condolencies and thoughts are with Matts family.spoke with him only 6 weeks ago a sad loss
  6. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    See here for a message from his brother.
  7. Well as people know I don't frequent this site, it takes a big event for me to get involved. I've known about this site for 3 years now but still havn't registered till today.

    When Biffa arrived at Hilderbanna in 1990 he was about as much use as a chocolate fire guard in Command Troop, like all little boys who turned up out of Wallop (me included). He was immediately taken under the wing of Mick Parkinson and Nelly's brotherly wing (hope people won't mind me using names today?).

    He progressed a great extent like all nigs who joined HQ Sqn at the time, beer swilling dpm clad anglo-saxon warriors.
    OK OK so none of this reading pams stuff just right down to Dickies Bar every night. That after successful tours in Op Granby, he came to the attention of Maj. R. A. "Ron" James. Now Ron had higher visions of our Biffa, that no else saw! He decided Biffa should take a journey down to Sandhurst!

    Well I think the collective thought was "Officer, Biffa but he's thick as sh1t!"

    Well Biff you showed us all, at least Ten years as one of the army's Finest Officers.

    In tours in Afghanistan, Ireland and Iraq x 2 and in situations that us "crap hats" couldn't imagine to be in.

    Saw you 2 years ago in Bristol with the lads, still the same old Biffa, not fazed or bothered. I know you would have been a soldiers Officer, as I know you where taught what was right and wrong. It wasn't your training in Sandhurst that made you a gent and scholar but the Beer and Blow nights down in Hannover! And the copious amounts of Wednesday night sessions in Dickies the night before a squadron run!

    Fond memories I have.... PUP on the Himmelstuhr, weekly trips to Verdun for electrolyte et al.

    I won't be able to go for your final meet and greet as I am stuck in San Francisco but I will be thinking of your Family at this time and will definately sink a few for you.

    Cheers mate...


  8. damn, was at hilders too. didnt realise.
    from a reeeeem.
  9. RIP Matt

    Nice words Ruth.
  10. RIP BIFFA,


  11. A great loss, I had the honour of knowing Matt briefly in Hildesheim and was fortunate enough to meet up with him again in Bristol a couple of years ago.
    He was a genuinely good guy and my condolences go out to his family and friends.
    RIP Matt

  12. R.I.P Never knew the chap but it's always a loss to lose one of our own.
  13. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Reading through some of the posts, I remember Biffa whilst I was with 1 Regt 89-91. You went on to great things mate and Whispering Ron was not wrong about your potential.

    RIP Biffa
  14. Ruth says it all...Matt was an absolute top-notch guy. Dickie will always have a tube of silver on ice for Biffa.