Solar Sales Rep (commission only)-Midlands

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by billywhy, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. Hi All,

    Having left the Army in June of last year, I have finally found a job that I'm happy with. (its took a while!)
    If you want to be rewarded for your own efforts then this could be it. The role is commission only, the product is an easy sell and offers excellent commission per sale.
    We are looking for people to work in the Renewables industry selling Solar systems throughout the Midlands.
    Solar PV is one of the few growth industries at the moment and has an exciting future.
    The role involves a certain amount of cold calling but leads are also provided from other avenues within the company.
    Must be smart, articulate and most of all - enjoy talking to people.
    Experience in the renewables industry or in sales is not necessary as full training will be given.
    I am looking to fill multiple roles within the Midlands and in the coming weeks the North East and North West.
    There will also be opportunities for Team Leader and Area Manager positions. (salaried)

    Please P.M me for further info

  2. Solar? UK? Enough said.
  3. That is correct, Solar PV works in daylight even when there is no Sun and I am led to believe that we experience daylight in the UK on a fairly regular basis. I would go as far as saying on a daily basis.

    The industry is government backed and employs approx 39000 people. It has also been highlighted as one of the top industries with the greatest growth potential.
    Thanks for the comment though 'redshift', I am sure there are other people out there who know very little about the industry but hopefully they will refrain from commenting so I can provide a genuine opportunity to potential job seekers.
  4. It's not growing well lately though is it?
  5. Oh is it your company?
  6. It employs 39000 people because it's government backed. Payback periods on PV are horrendous, the last time I looked in the region of 50+ years. Working in building services I've had contact with all manner of renewables, none of which perform as well as the people who make them would like you to think. Apologies for the thread hijack, just saying like.
  7. Hi, If you check the news today, the government has just lost its appeal so the Feed in Tarriff rate will be returned to his pre Dec 12 2011 rate - that means a manic month in the industry and hopefully followed by some calm as the industry recovers.

    It is not my company, i have just been promoted within the company to Solar product manager and need to urgently recruit. The company has a long track record within the renewables industry.
    I thought I would come on here first (I served for 23 years so thought I would show some loyalty). Starting to wish I hadnt bothered now.
    Could other readers please make their own minds up about the industry, perhaps by doing some of their own research and not listen to the 'self proclaimed internet experts'
    Thanks guys - but no more banter, all future threads (unless genuine job seekers) will be ignored as I am far to busy trying to earn a living.
  8. Please. I have 2 ******* degrees in Mech.Engg. and Energy Engg., I have been working in renewables for a couple of years now, mostly wind and tidal. But if you're going around spouting opportunities about solar power in the UK, especially on a commission only basis, just don't waste anybody's time. Just move on to some other forum.

    Also, yeah, the reason all the people are "employed" is because of direct govt funding, not because of any proper biz case behind it. And govts change, all the time.

    I need to get to bed. Bye.
  9. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I thought commission only was breaking the minimum wages law ? So you use your own phone ,car, fuel , pay your own stamp etc ?? Are you therefore self -employed .
  10. Commission only, nuff said
  11. 'commission only' is not for everyone but can suit some. My last role was commission only and I never earned less than £25 per hour. I often bought home £100+ an hour. Not a huge amount to some and I could have earned more by joining a company but I didnt want to be answerable to anyone. I worked hours that suited me and so fitted it round my childcare commitments and never did more than 3 hours a day. You basically get out what you put in. It was a self employed role and I enjoyed the flexibility that it provided. With a reasonable accountant it can also provide certain tax benefits that beat PAYE.

    With out trying to appear rude, If anybody would like a discusson on the renewables industry I would appreciate it if they could start another thread as I dont have the interest for internet banter and have a recruiting drive to initiate.
    I wish you all the best.

  12. I doubt you were in the army at all. You are just here trying to get some poor sap to work for you for nothing. Who in their right mind would work on a commission only job? I note you say that you can earn up to £25 an hour, and you often earn £100+ a day, but you then go on to state that you never work more then 3 hours a day. Now, even I know that 3 hours at £25 an hour does not equate to £100+. Care to back your figures up?
  13. But they are getting better all the time. As R&D is fed in. There is one website (I'll see if I can dig it out), where you can look at several properties who have had systems installed. There are various graphs showing current weatehr and current output and historical out puts. There is also a 'paid off' graph.

    Giving you a fair reading of what you are buying in to.
  14. You might want to read again what I wrote. I stated that I never earned less than £25 per hour and quite often earned £100 per hour. I never worked more than 3 hours in one day because I always promised myself that I would not go home until I earned £100. This sometimes took and hour and never took longer than 3.

    As stated earlier - commission only is not for everyone - It takes drive and determination - but can offer tremendous awards whilst providing flexibility.
    As regards to me being a potential walt - served 23 and a bit years man and boy. My number was 2478**** . Last unit before leaving was 30 Sig Regt LAD, Bramcote, Nuneaton. If you would like to check give them a call - they will know who I am by my user name.
  15. They do and have confirmed you were also a deluded prick whilst in uniform.
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