Solar Panels

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by dingerr, May 3, 2012.

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  1. I'm considering getting solar panels on the house.

    I've looked into it and would be paying outright rather than be beholden to some rip off company.

    The roof orientation is correct.

    Has anyone had them installed? Is it worth it? Anything to look out for?
  2. I do believe the electronic bit that converts the solar power to electricity requires replacement every ten years at ten grand ago. Heard that on Radio 4 a while back, may have changed since then?
  3. Doesn't make it financially viable if that's the case.
  4. Dinger threads on this before, the subsidy changed and as I recall it's not worth it.
  5. lifespan is actually 20-40 yrs, google life expectancy, look at the dates posted, as usual newer and long shelf life will improve
  6. Might find some useful stuff on here BusinessGreen search results - solar panels
  7. Missed the boat on this one I'm afraid, the subsidy got cut massively but then it was way too generous to start with.
  8. Get some really good advice about what a mortgage company is going to think about it.

    If someone wanting to buy your house is faced with any difficulty over getting a mortgage on the property on account of you having stuff drilled onto the roof it could cause major problems.

    People who've been daft enough to go for the roof leasing nonsense are finding their houses are now completely unsaleable other than to a cash buyer - who woudn't want it anyway.
  9. Just been quoted £8k for a 4kW set up and it will pay for itself in 7 years. The panels are guaranteed to be 80% after 25 years. It does warn that the inverter may need changing at some point in the 25 years. They cost somewhere in the region of £600.

    Edited to add

    A year ago they were charging £12k to fit them. The price drop is down to the drop in subsidy. From a personal point of view, I'm going ahead with it anyway. Power is not going to get any cheaper. The more it goes up, the more I will save.
  10. That does sound better than 10k.
    Must pay more attention to what I'm listening to in future.
  11. That sounds more like it.

    I was wondering if anybody actually had them installed and do the figures/savings as advertised or a lot lower?
  12. Those are mostly solar thermal, sun light heating water.

    The subsidies were for solar electric,photo-voltaic, PV, sun light making electrickery.

    The PV inverters may go tits-up after 25 years, but the cost of the technology has been falling consistently for the past couple of decades. Inverters are fairly standard on big electric motors for fans and pumps. Twenty years ago they were real cutting edge stuff, most motors had star-delta contactor starters. I recall some Swedish sales rep trying to sell me some hydraulic speed control coupling gadget for big fans. In 20 years time inverters may be much cheaper. Or they may not ;-)