Solar Panels

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Toastie, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. Anyone had them installed in the Northwest? How did it pan out, installers etc?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Check on
    Don't go for the free ones as they keep the govt subsidy.
  3. Look up these people.
    Hatch Sustain. Ph 01992 574488. I sourced 11 solutions from 6 potential suppliers, went with them.
    Installation went well and it all works. ( When I say I, I leached of the back of work done by a much more
    techy mate. He used them too.

    If you see them & decide to use them, do mention my name. I'm in for a referral fee which I'd split withyou.

    Old Rat
  4. How often do you get enough light for the buggers to work?..........
  5. It trickles in from 07:45 at present to say 18:00, with peak generation between 11:45 and 16:15. That has been the case since late August when it was installed. The panels face South West. I'm supposed to generate just less than £800 a year, I've done just less than £120 so far.I'll continue to get less from now on until I suppose say March / April, but while there's light it will continue to trickle in.

    Old Rat
  6. Thanks for that guys. Ratty, I'll bear that in mind and PM you if it comes off.

    Sanyo panels seem to feature favourably with various people who've had them fitted. Any thoughts?

    Thanks Jarrod, that is a right scam. A mate priced it all out and reckoned it was better to borrow the money and keep the Feed In Tariff. Sadly the death of me old chap features so luckily have the dough up front.
  7. X59

    X59 LE

    Sounds good.

    Might pay for itself before you croak with old age.
  8. Return on investment halfpennies plus or minus 10%. System pays for itself about year 8, well mine does. System life specified at 25 years. Well worth it if you're paying cash, if you've to borrow then probably not for the foreseeable future.

    Old Rat
  9. Beware feed in tariff change, double the allocated budget spent, review underway.
  10. I see a flaw in your plan
  11. Free ones aren't all bad, they're free ( of course) & reduce your electricity bill. FIT is nice if you can afford to have them installed, apparently the government's plan to cut the FIT was found to be illegal. I believe the case is ongoing.
  12. Just had my second FIT cheque that takes me to just over £1k in 9 months. The payback in 8 years is about right based in that. Too early to tell the effect on my electricity bill but certainly much lower.
  13. Payback time would be less (and more accurate) if you factored in the savings made to your leccy bill.