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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PapaGolf, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. As the Corps moves on with modern communications, relying on various satellite comms and tacsat, emphasis has drifted away from what was once the bread and butter of the RTG and RadOps, that is HF. With all the solar activity predicted, 'possibly' disabling satellite communications, are we as a Corps in a position to be able to provide a back up with HF if all the satellites are knocked out? Yes, i know HF won't work properly through significant solar activity but afterwards i mean.
    Worst case scenario i know, but then so was the deployment of HF dets to Northern Ireland for Y2K. The trade training syllabus for the Operator of today doesn't place enough emphasis on HF, which obviously will have a knock on effect through the Corps as the old skill set moves on or fades away. Are we really in a position to maintain communications if worst comes to the worst?
    I was going to ask at the Corps convention briefings but everyone was hung over and keen to get away. So here it is now
  2. BOWMAN PRC325. You are a CS Op now. Deal with it.

  3. You are ******* with us right?
  4. "Suck it up buttercup" and "man up and grow a pair" any other genius answers? I thought it was a legitimate question worth posing, clearly not last night
  5. You can't expect a real debate on a Friday night, PG.

    It's the independence day argument. Aliens blow everything up so we have to resort to morse. The problem with a jack of all trades operator is it takes longer to learn all. So you have to prioritise and decide which is most important to teach as a base. HF and telegraphy are at the bottom of the list.
  6. ???? I didn't give you the answer to anything, and my balls are big enough. I did however pose a question. I can see my question has been answered by your response. You really do lack comedy timing.
  7. It's ok, the Woman on BFBS the other night when reporting the issue said the Army was used to having no Communications.
  8. I think you'll find a regiment in the TA that does nothing but HF comms
  9. Don't forget sporadic E as well....
  10. I am a great believer in HF as a fail-safe or initial entry comms means. With the current capabilities it can deliver a hell of a lot more than simply scratchy voice or Morse.

    Satcom as a primary high speed means is great, and using leased line back-ups is also perfectly valid, but what do we do when they fail or are not immediately available? Mobile phones? Heliograph? We have almost killed off LOS systems so we should at least hedge our bets and keep the equipment and skills for our last resort...HF. Worldwide voice, data and even IP are yours at the drop of a hat, who could ask for more?

    Ignoring this key capability is typical of what happens when staff officers who have done a 12 week comms (or CIS/ICS) course get to write policies and prioritise efforts. They mistakenly believe that computers are the only way to provide reports and returns or exercise command and control, because this is where they have concentrated their 'studies'. Computer networks are sexy and the tools are very seductive to a mindset keen to have data of almost infinite granularity at the stretch of a finger. To my mind it is akin to believing that because tanks have really big guns, we no longer need infantry.
  11. One thing i couldn't understand is why the **** do Royal Signals Troop Commanders courses at Blandford, do improvised antenna construction and long rang HF comms exercise. Only for them never to touch the stuff again, or if they do, it will be years down the line. Basic operators and indeed upgraders, who need to be putting this stuff to practice before they get to the mincer, cover the basics, and thats only from Pid to Camp. Skill fade turns to Skill dead
  12. Always been the same with Staff Officers though, they want it fast and shiny and don't want to wait while they're Signaller is tweeking HF arrays, and not putting their tent up/unrolling their doss bag/or making them a brew