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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Red69, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi, was wondering if anyone could recommend a good, and most importantly FAST, solar charger - for use in Iraq.

    Most of the ones I've come across seem to take about 6hrs using solar power, but that's too slow - does anyone know of any faster than that - even if they are the type that use small batteries to boost throught the charge?
  2. I use a Solio charger for my mobile phone. You have to give it a good charge of the mains every few weeks but I use it every few days and leave it on the window sill most of the time to charge up. I'll rate it as 6/10.
  3. I bought the power monkey because I'm a gadget freak.

    I'm in fcuking Scotland! What was I thinking of, buying a solar charger?!
  4. Was the Power Monkey any good? - When checking it out is said it can take 6hours to charge stuff, and that's too long - won't be in one place for that long!

    Do you know anything about the new Power Gorilla that's supposed to be launched next week?
  5. I have a power monkey, good bit of kit, but it takes feckin forever to charge using solar power, and can take a few hours to charge from the mains, but it will charge an ipod and 2 phones (at least) off one full fill
  6. IF you go for the solar version of the power monkey, you recharge the powermonkey itself from the solar charger or any other method (usb port, mains, dc from a vehicle etc). when you want to recharge your phone you just plug in the powermonkey. It doesn't need to be charged whilst it charging the device. It's quite small and has a flexible cable so you can put it all in your pocket and allow it to do its stuff on the move.

    You then charge the powermonkey when you get the chance. It depends where you are in the world as to how long it takes to charge back the gulf it don't take too long! In Scotland....forget it, probably about a week!
  7. My man's kinda inpatient, and is going to be on the move pretty much constantly, so guess that rules that idea out!! Thanks for letting me know tho :)
  8. the solar charger has some recesses in it that you can fit straps into, so it could be starpped to a bergen/vehicle roof if required i suppose
  9. Thanks for that - that's a great idea... didn't know you could do that, thanks :) Maybe I'll get one afterall then.
  10. [​IMG]

    the slots at the top of the solar charger are what I mean, thats what I do with mine sometimes, just need to make sure the power pod part is secured in a pocket/pouch
  11. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    I bought the solar monkey explorer on Ebay for £30 new and used it in Afghan and Iraq for my Ipod (before some git nicked it in the COB) and my camera, worked fine for me. I strapped the solar panel to my day sack and it went all over, survived well and was always charging.

    Oddly its not been so good this summer in the Southern UK!

    I rate it as excellent FOR THE PRICE, there are better but they are way more expensive
  12. Ah you lot are honeys - thank you soooo much for all the info XXX
  13. The Power Monkey's not bad but does take an ice age to charge anything. It's best used to top up overnight or on a long flight. I use mine when I'm overseas mainly leaving the solar slave to charge the battery in my hotel room then topping up the phone/MP3/camera overnight. It saves messing about with a travel charger and USB adapter, which I always seem to lose or break anyway. And it's gucci. And it's stood up to everything baggage handlers the world over can throw at it.

    No idea about the gorilla, though. I'd imagine it's more of the same only better.
  14. Use a desk lamp. Or a wind-up torch.