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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by drillpig69, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. I've been looking for some time now at getting a solar charger, preferably something <£20. I don't want to break the bank!
    I just want something that charges my ipod/ phone/ gizmo whatever, not some sort of solar charger that can power a small eco car and Bruce Lee. And maybe Chuck Norris. And Rambo. Not forgetting the Terminator. All at once.
    If anyone knows if such a thing exists please relieve me of my long torture.

  2. Have a look on Amazon they have some good deals on at the moment, I had a Powerbee charger which was good until I dropped it and my phone in a bucket of diesel.
  3. I really wouldn't bother. They're quite pricey for the good ones, and tbh the lads who bought them didn't think much of them on tour.

    Just one opinion though, some may think they're the dogs wotsits.
  4. Two opinions. I'll have to ponder over this one for a bit.

    Thanks lads
  5. In some ways have to agree, as a bit of a back-up it was good.
    Obvious problem I found, as I was using/carrying the phone during the day it was never plugged into the charger, when the time came that I could charge it, it was dark nuff said.
  6. Get a back up pack that takes a couple of lithium AA batteries.

    Shelf life of about ten years.
  7. Lithium battery packs look to be the way ahead. Guaranteed to work.
  8. Small solar is really not worth it. Have a look on EBay for external USB batteries instead. They usually have something like a large mobile phone battery inside and you should be able to get a 2000mA one for under £20 now. They usually have mini USB for charging up and 2 x USB for charging your gadgets. So, for something the size of a large mobile phone, and a lot lighter, you'll have a couple of phone charges that isn't reliant on you having sunshine.
  9. Agree with the battery option. If you're serving then all the more reason to go for it. Free batteries from the man from Q and M.
  10. Clas Ohlsen do a solar charger-Oyama brand, goes for about £20. Weighs next to nothing, about same dimensions as a large smart phone. It comes with about 10 adaptors for ipod/phone, usb's, nokia etc and can also be charged via a flip down built in usb charger. It's not mega hard core, but my supplier is EDF so every penny not going to them ******* is worth it.
  11. EDF as in the energy supplier? How ironic!
  12. Im looking for a solar phone charger, in the last year since this thread started has anyone got anything to add ?
    Are solar phone chargers still pump ? Will I waste £20 on one only to find Im having to steal power from an LFG later on ?
  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    solar chargers are very hit and miss as the sunlight varies and those with battery packs fail frequently.

    I've been looking at peltiers and making a charger which works while making a brew.
  14. i always carry the power monkey traveller set and it seems ok so far