Sol Campbell is off Depressed - Apparently

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Santa_Sunday, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. It would seem that the News of The World is going to 'break' a story on Sunday along these lines.



    (Maybe this should be in current affairs - I don't know)
  2. How can he be depressed on £90K per week. I could be his therapist and boot the crap out of him for a few hundred.
  3. Although depression should be taken seriously, I think I'd be far from depressed if I was on even half the weekly wage he's on! Prima-Donna springs to mind. Get a life Sol.
  4. GH - In no way do I mean to belittle depression, I have had a case of it myself on the training area at about 2.30am whilst the rain was lashing down!!! :D
  5. There have been rumours that CAMPbell(end) is a bufty for a while. His brother is still inside for smacking someone for insinuating that very thing. I suggest he retires and runs for parliament.
  6. Give me his wage and I'll do his depression for him. Time these footballers were put back in reality and paid a realistic wage. Then after they 'work' for an hour a day and announce that they are depressed, somebody might actually give a toss.
  7. Shouldn't someone (from Arsenal FC or a mate of his) go round and see if he is OK?
  8. That's why he is depressed ... he has no one to talk to at Arsenal, being the only Englishman

    Arsenal team yesterday against Brum

    Lehmann, Flamini, Senderos, Djourou, Larsson, Fabregas, Silva, Diaby, Reyes, Hleb, Henry, Adebayor.

    Talk about the fecking United Nations
  9. Apparently he's also miffed off that his last ex (name escapes me but she with the ginge curly hair, famous daughter) has got together with some other nobhead and annouched that 'he's the man of her dreams' :roll: So he's 'depressed' on that and cos some other twat (&NFTW?) said he's a poofer?! His boss says take your self off and there's no loss to wages? What a job. He'd be better to stand and fight off rumours if they are not true. If it wasn't for the walking off the other night, this wouldn't be the issue the media has made of it during the week. Now its looks like this NFTW story is a front page headliner than the mid page dross story it should be. Any guesses into what's the big exclusive?
  10. Was trying to work out WTF you were talking about. NOTW !
  11. Ha! Cheers - posting on a full stomach not a good idea :wink: