SOinC PD 19 - Is it Working?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TheChoggyFlipFlop, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. I was fortunate (or not depending on you're view) to be posted to 11th Signal Regiment prior to SOinC PD 19 coming into place, in my opinion because of lack of education potential NCO's in the field army are not getting the opportunity to serve at a Training Regiment.

    In addition to this, its hard enough to get NCO's to fill these very demanding jobs at Training Regiments so why have we made it harder?

    i feel that if we are ever going to raise the standard of our instructors there has to be an incentive to serve at a Training Regiment.

    I think that we can take a leaf out of the Infantrys' book who send their very best NCO's to their Training Regiments and are rewarded at the end of their tour with promotion.
  2. well you have answered your own question there a little..
  3. After a MCM Div brief we were told that you are rewarded an extra half point for the board. I did request to go to 11 Sigs as an instructor, a view that my OC put down on my CR, this was all prior to PD 19 coming in but I didn't get it. It seems strange that I was recommended to go there, Blandford wanted me but yet I didn't go. I have known dozens of people who were posted there and never wanted to go. I suppose it's the mystery known as Glasgow
  4. There is a Cpl soon to be posted to an ATR that hasn't attented PD 19..........
  5. I know of a couple at Blandford that did not attend PD 19 and are not suitable to be there but they are admin cases and it was easy to send them there because noone else wanted to go there.
  6. So its not working then?
  7. Ah well. Given today's operational tempo, maybe it's just the case that things won't change overnight. I know lots of great instructors that haven't done PD19, but hopefully things will start to take shape as long as we are patient. Rome wasn't built in a day...unlike the transit accommodation in Blandford! :p
  8. Understand all that PD, but how can you post a Cpl with no PD 19 and Crb clearance to an ATR?