SOinC Dining Out - WOs & Sgts Mess Corp Dinner

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jimima_Shark, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. OK who's going?

  2. SOinC I guess....
  3. You never know he might not be invited!
  4. Cant make it this year, gutted!

    Bruggen next year HURRAH!
  5. Unless you're all back in the UK by then! Bwaahahahahahaaaaa!!

    I'll raise a glass to you Disco!

  6. I went.

    Not bad, but not the laugh that is Bruggen.

    They shut the bar at 3 FFS! :roll:

    Edited to add: 14 moving to Blandford when 11 goes to St Athen.

    7 and 16 to Cosford
  7. Can this jolly not be cancelled as per the 07 conferences to save costs/blushes?

    Or is the drinking too important?

  8. Esprit de Corps does not have a cost that you can hang on it.
    If the Corps cannot afford to sort out a Dinner once a year for the WOs & SNCOs of the Corps to get to listen to the SOINC and get a policy update from the horses mouth, then we really are in a bit of a pickle.

    It isn't a jolly per se. It is part of tradition and occasions such as these are what separates this fine military from others.

    You also sound like you would be a really interesting fcuker to sit next to at a dinner.....
  9. I agree, and consider it a pity that many of the conferences have been cancelled in this financial year. I feel that this is truly an indication of the dire situation that we as an organisation are in.

    As for being a neighbour at a dinner night, the only interesting experience you would have is to watch me struggle with my bladder control, as my chat isn't up to much.

  10. Wouldn't be the first time that I got covered in p1ss from a sprayed miss at the top of a wine bottle, or once in Blandford, and exploding condom full of wee......