SOinC(A)s Conference cancelled.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MrTracey, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Army's gone bust apparently.

    Gordon may have exercised a sleight of hand in the budget this week but he doesn't seem to be able to prop up the military finances. Stuff being cancelled all over the place. Spend your budgets quick.
  2. Where did you hear that? I've just booked leave from the civvie side to attend.
  3. Came out from SOinC today (I think)

    General staff direction to cancel conferences....

    Get your leave pass cancelled.
  4. It's true - DIGTA and IGTA's gone as well.
  5. That's nothing, I've been asked to work unpaid in April
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Apologies for being dim, but what is the significance of the SOinC's and IGTA and DITGA conferences being cancelled?

  7. MSR - it means that the Army's finances have become so stressed that next years budget is already known to be less than required and anything considered 'nice to have' is being, or has been, cancelled. As i understand it, this is principally to do with T&S.

    If compus-mentus is seriously being asked to work unpaid (presumably he's TA - if he's regular we really are in trouble) then it sounds worse than I thought.

    How we are expected to generate capability and maintain the tempo and content of training against such a background is beyond me.
  8. He's not TA. He just doesn't do very much. He makes his real money lapdancing in Chippenham...
  9. The QM convention has been binned too...........

    No money apparently..............
  10. Is there a trend?

    Anyone else know of anything else being cancelled?

    There appears to be NO MONEY!

    So far, SOinC conf, IGTA, DIGTA, QM Convention...
  11. Trend was also binned and quite a while ago too mate :winkrazz:

    But seriously - the QM Convention binned? Is that the one that was going to be combined with the RSM's Convention next month in Blandford? and if so - can we assume the Razzers are staying home too?
  12. Confirmed.

    I got a call on Thursday asking me to give an estimate of how much it was costing the unit I'm at to send us all over. Next day I got an email saying it had been cancelled.

    It looks we're to blame...... Either way, it's gone.......

    Shame - godd pizz up normally...
  13. C-M Lap dancing - :pukel:
  14. I can just imagine Interceptor slipping a tenner into Compus_Mentus' thong... (shudder)
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    All conferences are binned - Orders from Wilton, cost saving measure.

    It's a fine call - do these Conferences produce outputs worth the expenditure? Some 3*s obviously feeel that, in the present financial climate, no they don't.