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Discussion in 'RLC' started by werespid, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Soldier refused service in Witney pub . . . because he was in uniform
    6:10am Friday 20th November 2009

    A SOLDIER who risked his life in Afghanistan and Iraq was shocked when a pub refused to serve him because he was in uniform.

    Guardsman Brad Thomas and fellow Grenadier Guard Jimmy Nuttal were working for an Army recuritment team when they stopped for lunch at the Cross Keys pub, in Market Street, Witney.

    But as they looked at the menu, they were told to leave because the pub would not serve members of the armed forces wearing uniform.

    Guardsman Thomas, 24, who has lost nine colleagues in Afghanistan, said: “It really is pretty shocking. We weren’t even going to drink. We only wanted a meal and a glass of coke.

    “Everyone in the pub was looking at us, and I don’t think some of them could believe it either. I was quite annoyed.”

    The pair crossed the road and were served at another pub. A member of the public offered to pay for their meals.

    Yesterday, pub chain Punch Taverns claimed RAF Brize Norton had written to local pubs telling them not to serve uniformed soldiers. The base denied this, and neither of the men are based at Brize.

    Ten other Witney pubs told the Gazette they had never received any such request from the airbase.

    GDSM Thomas’s mum Sharron, 53, said: “Our lads and lasses are on the front line, putting their life at risk every day, yet in their own country they are treated like this. I think it is disgusting.”

    Witney’s Royal British Legion welfare officer Don Deaney, who pays his respects to every fallen British soldier’s cortege passing through Headington, said: “It is appalling. I’m absolutely staggered and disgusted. Anyone who cannot serve someone a meal because they are in uniform should go to Oxford (on repatriation days) to see what is going on.”

    A Punch Taverns spokesman said she believed RAF Brize Norton had told Witney pubs not to serve uniformed troops, because they are prohibited from entering licensed premises.

    She added: “Our team at the Cross Keys was acting in respect of this regulation.”

    She said staff would do the same again, but said the company’s “utmost respect and admiration” for servicemen was shown by the money it raised for military charities.

    RAF Brize Norton spokes- man Katie Zasada said: “Any personnel in the Navy, Army or RAF are not allowed to enter any pub in uniform, unless it is for a wedding or funeral. There has not been communication between us and the pubs, but they should not be putting them in that situation in the first place.”

    The ban is thought to date back to the IRA pub bombings in the 1970s, but last year Prime Minister Gordon Brown said soldiers should be encouraged to wear their uniform in public.

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  2. Why bloody not not as if they were going on a bender just wanting something to eat for lunch
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Phutt Phutt Phutt vrooooomm vrooooooooom vroooooooooooooom
    I've fired up the Outraged bandwagon

    All aboard

    And were off

    I am outraged at The Cross Keys in Whitney and I shall ask everyone I know to be outraged too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Because a pub is private property and it's up to them who they serve and who they don't?

    I've been in load of pubs that have signs clearly banning work clothes. Why would our work clothes be any different?

    Besides which, the Outrage Bus is in for MEIs. It's on it's last legs from the amount of overuse it's been getting recently and an application has been made to Brigade for a new one.
  5. Ah but if you read Standing Orders it clearly states no going to pub's in uniform, so unless the management knows that you have written authority to do so, then its perfectly plausible that they are following the correct rules
  6. Utter Bollax
  7. Fukcing disgrace !!
  9. Its absolutely clear in the guidance on wearing uniform in public. NO LICENSED PREMISES.

    Recruiting team or not, theres a lot of other places to get lunch without going in a Pub.

    Park up the outrage bus and inform those two that there is a space on the OCs carpet, 08.30 Monday.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Actually it's proper fukced it ran out of fuel the other week because we are boycotting Shell because they upset us

    The passengers were starving due to a 20 year old boycott of Macca D's due to them supporting the IRA

    They couldn't get a drink cos were boycotting so many pubs and coffee houses

    Then we tried hard to find accomodation but were boycottoing that many hotels that we almost had to sleep on the bus

    When we did find a hotel not on our outrage list we couldn't watch Generation Kill because it's on Channel 4 and were boycotting it because of John Snow not wearing a poppy

    It's hard to be us
  11. Put the bus back in the garage. This has been raised before.

    IIRC it's against the law to serve alcohol to a police officer in uniform. Some bar monkeys get a bit confused and think, incorrectly, that this means service personnel too. Probably just an honest mistake.
  12. Who gives a shite how smart our uniform is? If a pub bans work clothes, then why would they make an exception for our work clothes?

    Are you seriously contending that CS95 looks smarter than a suit?

    The pub says they won't serve soldiers in uniform, build a bridge and get the fcuk over it.
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Whys this in RLC have the Guards moved ?
  14. Witney Gazette are going over time on this and the phone number is direct to the Journos, I am sure the Cross Keys bar takings over the Festive break will reflect this but as per feedback booze and uniforms don't go. Bad luck boys there are lots of cracking pubs in Witney.
  15. Sorry, but I am not a normal Outrage Bus ticket purchaser, but this incident has boiled my p1ss.

    It isn't the pub either, per se, it is the comment from the fcukwit BZZ moron. Has anyone bothered to ask WHY this ban is still in effect? WHY are soldiers not allowed in pubs in uniform? It sounds ridiculous to me in this day and age that this ban is still in effect. We should be encouraging the wearing of uniform in public, as it is a sensible thing to do.

    As for it being analogous with work clothes, well, that's just stupid. The work clothes ban is to stop bin men and the like in raggy, dirty clothing from entering the pub. Comparing military uniform is stupid.