Softy Sleeping Bag

Discussion in 'OTC' started by Laura2006, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone knew where to get a softy sleeping bag and what the best type was to get?


  2. You can get one here.John Bull

    As for type, it depends what you want it for. I have a Softie 9. It's as warm as the issue Bouncing Bomb but a third of the size. :D
  3. i'll be using it for sleeping in the field on a weekend, it will be inside a bivy bag.
  4. What climate?
  5. erm, in the UK, all year round - if thats any help
  6. I would suggest you go to the technical section of and see what they have to say. Unless you're going in winter conditions a three season bag should do you. A down bag will be lighter and more compact but won't loft when wet or damp. A synthetic filling will but is bulkier.

    Youv'e probably been told this before, but if it helps.... :D
  7. Softie 3 or is only on for the summer months, and even then it can be cold.

    I brought a softie 6 to Kenya in July last year thinking Africa would be hot, I spent the 2 weeks cold.

    In the winter, the issue one is the way to go!
  8. I picked up a softy 9 quite cheaply at my local blacks. it was the last one they had so it was their display item so it was quite cheap, combined militay discount and I walked away looking quite pleased with myself with about £30 knocked off the price.

    the weight makes it ideal for tabbing, but I've yet to use it in the winter months so cant advise there. I bought a silk liner to go inside just in case, but so far its been the best thing I've bought for the feild. only problem is that as my bergan looks so much smaller than everybody elses, I keep on being given extra kit to carry... :roll:
  9. Softy 12...too fcking hot but for the coldest winter.

    IMO, Softy Nine will do you well. (To echo Skinny_Bloke, use a silk liner to bunk up a few more degrees)
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I used a softy 3 or 6 on a weekend in jan this year with a fleece liner and froze my nuts off! I have a softy 12 i normally use for winter which is great, i just couldnt find it this year! Many of the time i have got up on a (non tac) weekend to see the others struggle out complaining while wearing every stich of clothing they have, whereas i have got through in t shirt! Granted i have to get dressed quick, but i find there is nothing better than a warm nights sleep to recover! Of course you would be sweating said nadgers off in a softy 12 in the summer so got me a thin softy for the summer!
  11. Softy 10 (Harrier), i have had this doss bag for a fair few years now and it has been tried and tested through the winter months in Bosnia (Until my comfy box with duvet arrived!) and in the warmer areas of Iraq (however it does get rather baltic over there in winter during the night) i also use it here in the uk on FTX and have never been too hot or cold, it has lasted and so i highly reccomend it for its durability, it is also allot smaller than the issued sleeping system wich fills up half your bergan
  12. OK guys thats a great help cheers!!
  13. It all depends on you really ive got a softie 9 and a softie 3, the 9 has kept me warm in brecon in the snow the 3 has kept me warm in the summer in baumholder and both together has kept me warm in hohne and poland. What id say is the issue is probably a 10 or a 12 so id say compare how you do in the issue then buy a softie relative to your needs.
  14. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Softy 10 is the bees-knees for year-round in the UK. I've used mine regularly for getting on for 8 years now in various parts of the world and it's only just approaching time for a replacement. It's kept me warm without an additional liner all over the UK in all seasons and even one bloody cold exercise one German winter. Value-for-money, I'd say it beats the others pretty well.

    It works when wet (couple of stories there - another time if I can persuade anybody to listen to them), packs down well, is pretty rugged and dries quickly. It does have a couple of failings - I find it a bit snug across the shoulders (or is that me getting larger?), it's tricky to get out of in a hurry sometimes (zips snagging) and I find the compression sack a bit poor (use the issue one).

    These problems are me being picky - it's a bloody good bit of kit.