Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Zarathustra, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. I'm currently in the market for some cheap and legal Microsoft Office stuff this website came up. I'm a student so I qualify but I'm wondering has anyone here ever bought anything from them? If so are they reliable?
  2. Moreover I know Mircosoft used to give MOD employees discount on office - not sure whther thats the case.....??? I could do with some myself.
  3. I'm an OU student, and got some MS stuff from softwareforstudents. Yes - quick service, cheap products and no problems (so far, 1 year) with MS registration.

    You enter your place of education at registration, and I guess they check (cough) that you are a legit student.....

    p.s. their marketing emails seem to indicate that the MS products are being withdrawn in March?
  4. I've brought lots of stuff from them - cheap, efficient, quality genuine software. No problems.
  5. Used them quite a lot. Get your orders in for Microsoft , as their discounts end soon.
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  8. I did think of that but I'm on leave and won't have access to DII before my next trip away. The stuff advertised on software4students wasn't too much more than the MoD home use stuff.

    I'm currently using OpenOffice but I prefer MS Office.

  9. Is'nt the S4S offer £40 compared to the £8.95 via DII/Sabs, are there not any TAC's local to you in order to request a use of their terminal ;-)

    Point to note: I've noticed since the last time this was advertised on sabs it's allowed on 2 systems, previously it was only the one, IIRC I've still got the email.
  10. **** me office for £8.95 thats cheap. I'll have some of that - cheers msr.
  11. I did consider going in to get on DII but I'm just too lazy, and I've got a better deal than £8.95 now anyway.
  12. Try this link: www.[B]openoffice[/B].org/
    Free and compatable with Microsoft Office. I use it myself.
  13. Software4Students is pretty reliable, CB. I bought Windows 7 Pro from them for a huge discount (using my Open Uni email address).