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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Whiskybreath, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. A bit of advice from those who know about these things needed, pse?
    I've just ordered a new computer for the No1 Son, but as it's to be put together in a 'games' configuration it doesn't come with an 'office' suite. While the brute's out at college, I'll be using it and want MS Office on it, as well as Visio and Project. Looking on ebay, there's all sorts of new and apparently genuine stuff for sale, at considerable discounts (mostly academic licence, from what I can see). Is it advisable to buy/bid for one of these? The wife's a teacher, so in theory it would be legit, but I don't want to find that down the line I've bought a lemon. Anyone?
  2. If your in the military you can buy ms office 2007 for £17, down side is that you can only install it twice. Have to look for the link, when i'm in work.
  3. Office 2007 is absolutely terrible by the way. The whole look and feel has changed almost beyond recognition. Open office is for winners, although I also agree with the comment about PortableApps. There's even a "get off scot free" filth browser on there too for all the pervs. Yay.
  4. Fantastic! Been using it for a while now - no probs and plenty of function.
  5. My bold. So I guess Chairman Bill got it wrong then? You are a silly man.
  6. He has made billions flogging software to people who do not need it. So no, he is not wrong. There is however definitely something wrong about spending money on software one does not need thereby lining the pockets of Bill with said billions.

    I 2nd the advice above. Get Star office. I've found the interface more akin to MS Office than open office.
  7. If your son has a UK academic e-mail address (, or if you know someone who has, you can get MS Office 2007 Ultimate, i.e. the full ish £500 version, for £40. HERE Like the military one it can only be activated on 2 systems at once.
  8. Firstly, Im firing this off the top of my head, but the general gist is in the right direction..

    Gates managed to get a foothold on the market through very good marketing of his OS, very early on. The sheep were then shepherded thru various updates and onto the next system.. Win 3.11 followed by 95, the all singing all dancing system. Yeah right.. On from that came newer ones, 98, 2000, NT, Xp, Vista, etc etc. People are loathe to break from the chain theyre in (although a few with Vista are now finding out they have been duped.. Why do Dell sell XP alongside Vista on new PCs? Cos they appreciate how crap it is.. The first update managed to wipe out many people's HDDs off the system, then forcing the need to return the Pooters back to the shop for... oh.. the update to be removed! I personally know of 5 occurences of that... do a websearch, there's thousands of 'em. So why do Dell not offer Linux? Cos the public for the majority are sheep, too scared to give it a go...and Dell know it.. Linux is free ffs!) Anyways I digress.

    Alongside those original MS OS were MS Office.. the competition didnt have a viable alternative as they couldnt get into the market.. good marketing and the fact Gates wouldnt release the relevant source coding to allow them to produce a viable alternative meant production of those alternative Office products was slow.
    ANYWAYS.. Sun Microsystems (the large company who took umbrage with MS in the 90s you'll probably recall and forced MS to reappraise the way they deal with outside companies) bought out Star Division (An 80s founded company) in the late 90s and now runs both Open and Star Office. Differences between the two products can be found here :

    So, Did Gates get it wrong? No, not in the slightest. The Boy's done good by all accounts, but because He got it right, doesnt mean everyone else got it wrong. Far from it. If anything they have got it more right.. How system memory/ processor intensive is MS Office (and the OSs compared to Linux, etc) compared to the offerings from Sun? MS Office tends to use a lot more of the system resources, slowing the systems down and generally being a pain in the arrse. Star and Open Office are also big programmes when running, but are a lot less system intensive, a lot smaller footprint. Compatibility issues..there are none! I can fully integrate my OpenOffice docs with MS Office by saving them as the relevant doc extension thru the software. Same goes for the spreadsheets done on OpenOffice.. I can use them with Excel. I currently do a lot of work after hours at home on my standalone, save it to my memory stick and carry on with it back in the office. There's no dramas flitting twixt the two suites.

    You'll find Star Office appearing more and more in Schools, seems the Military hasnt quite jumped on that band wagon yet.. being more content to follow the sheep and stay with the high priced Microsoft offering.

    Luddites, the lot of 'em. :wink:
  9. A slightly off-thread question for our ARRSE computer biffs: as a translator, I use Wordfast and MetaTexis (both TRADOS compatible) most of the time. Hoever, and in contrast to TRADOS, they both run directly in Word (Word 2000 in my case), making them much faster and easier to use than TRADOS.

    I've been having a bit of a butcher's around and rather fancy Star Office, but would I be able to install these applications directly in the corresponding word program? Does anybody have any experience of this?

  10. Ask and ye shall find..

    Hope that helps. :)
  11. Many thanks to all, I think I'll give it a go with the academic licenced stuff, as when all's considered it'll be good for a few years anyway. Office 2003 is the best suite, in my opinion, against the likes of Lotus and Corel, and I can't stick using OpenOffice for more than a few minutes. If the 2007 offering is crap I'll flog it off on ebay...

    (Edit: just downloading Star office to see what it's like. We'll see.)
  12. Thanks a bunch for taking the time and trouble to find that out, Fatbadge! Very much appreciated. :D :D :D