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Gents, I would appreciate our collective wisdom on this one:

I'm trying to get some platoon stash together, I've squared the tshirts away no dramas, but i'm thinking of getting some softshell jackets done up too. We used to have these blue natty monstrosities, but I think a smart jacket is the way to go.

Anyway, is it possible to print onto a softshell? I guess embroidery would be tricky, but I do not know. I've asked a couple of places already, but they didn't really know what the material was like.

Also, does anyone know of any decent places to get a smart black softshell for less than £50? Gooutdoors sell the Berghaus twister jacket for 69 quid, anyone have any improvement on that?

Cheers lads
Why don't you ask Berghaus themselves. They're usually more than willing to help military personnel. They may even recommend where you can get it done.
Hope that helped

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