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WASHINGTON - Hollywood may have to tone down its portrayal of the military's screaming, in-your-face boot camp drill sergeant. In today's Army, shouting is out and a calmer approach to molding young minds is in, says the head of Pentagon personnel. The Army says it has reduced by nearly 7 percent the number of recruits who wash out in the first six to 12 months of military life.

So it has come to this has it, and surely we have evidence of that in the British Army already.

Reduced Criteria for BAFT as too many were failing, not at all influenced by the rapid demise of the school playing fields and competitive sport of course.

SF no longer a grey mysterious world of "Special" soldiers, because that is not allowed in todays world, we are all equal and there is no such thing as failing.....

Call me old fashioned, call me out of touch, but I really can not imagine an Army where we see the Drill Sergeant pleading with the rec's to Please Keep in Step, sounds too much like Sergeant Wilson & Dad's Army.
Its like that WO1 from Sandhurst that got RTU'd (or whatever the equivalent from Sandhurst is) for being too harsh on the Ocdts.

How can you expect to chuck out functioning troop leaders from the factory if its staff arn't allowed to bollock them when they fuck up?
I'd like to bring in the old Turkish way. Execute ex amount of troops a year just to keep discipline in check.

"Is that fluff on your beret"

"Yes Sir sorry about tha....." - BOOM!

"Corporal he's stil alive i think" - BOOM!
Whatever the Pentagon or our own MOD says ill bet my life that there are ways and means of teaching recruits whats what the hard way. Even if there isnt, a recruits new unit will do enough "character building", from what ive heard, to weed out the cnuts. If your not driven enough, why sign up? Im not joining expecting to be politely asked if i would mind doing punishment i WANT to be shouted at. If i cant hack being shouted at what the fcuk am i going to be like when the rounds are going down? Isnt this just an excerise to convince gullible yanks into enlisting because its "not that bad"?
No there have been other posts about this sort of thing, STAB2ARAB, posts about america and the way the army is getting softer and softer. I don't remember where it was on ARRSE, but i read a posted article written by an ex-colonel in america, he visited a training establishment, and he was appalled. Instead of yelling and control, the staff were reduced to gentle coaxing and general niceness to the troops. Obviously this is simply one establishment, but i think it was said it was representative.

Althought their are always ways and means to get discipline, the traditional route of being harsh as * to recruits to toughen them up is, apparently, fast fading. :(

Editted to add : I think the British Army is being forced down a similar route to that of America, what with all the new human rights and rules etc. being introduced.

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