Softie Sleeka Jackets

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Plodder, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    Can anyone give me any bits of info on the softie sleeka jackets?
    Are they really warm? if so too warm to move and work in?
    Are they tough and hard wearing?
    Are they value for money?

    etc etc

    Cheers all

  2. Are good for standing/laying still in. Get a bit warm if you are doing anything lively, certainly not recommended for section attacks. There are new 2006 models with reinforced sections on. Should pay around £50-60 for a new one, or less on ebay.
  3. Yes well said chosen man spot on but they are good bit of kit & one id advise anybody to invest in, lot of infantry lads prefer them to buffalo's as they are more practicle but yes give them a go if not you can always flog it on to somebosy else on ebay, i swear by mine & have done for 9 odd years having had 4 different ones well useful in cold in bosnia & when it got a bit chilly in iraq.
  4. Def one of the best bits of kit Ive ever had and even came in black to match me coveralls!!!
  5. I have used both Buffallo and Sleeka, ..

    I favour the snugpak at the moment definitely better in winter, not good for moving around in, ... the Buffallo wins hands down for that. Tend to use the Buffalo for cycling and summer time, the shower proof outer is very good. They are pricey though more that the snugpak £90 versus £60 ish.

    Having said that, whilst watching rugby yesterday, snugpak was top.... I have had to by my wife one she kept using mine.

    Depends on what your role is,.. one or the other is good, each have different strengths and weaknesses.. Both have lasted very well... and as you say there is always Ebay
  6. As people have said here earlier, it depends on what you are likely to spen your time doing.

    If you are sitting around alot in the cold, then sleeka wins hands down.

    If you are doing a fair bit of footwork, then buffalo is better.

    However, if you are charging around slotting the marauders, then t-shirt is better than any.

  7. Black overalls? You mm'mean you are actually a .......................................mechanic? :D
  8. Nah... don't you know anything... they wear blue!! He must be a chimney sweep!! :wink: 8)

    Cheers for all the replys... keep em coming!!